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Mailbag Monday

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From John M: How can one become a spy?

Answer: The thing is, Hollywood likes to portray the CIA recruiting agents, oftentimes in bars by slipping them a newspaper with a secret note inside. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is, the best thing to do is to submit an application to the CIA online. Also, I would apply to any government agency where you can get a Top Secret security clearance because then you can do lateral moves among agencies.

From Joe E: Is Winchester ammo good for long term storage?

Answer: Winchester ammo is a quality product and when stored properly, it should last many years, perhaps decades depending on exactly how it’s stored. Ideally, you want to store ammo in a dry, cool, dark place.

You want to avoid extreme temperature swings as well. One of the biggest threats to ammo is humidity, since moisture is corrosive to metal.

In addition, you want to store the ammo off the ground to avoid any flooding or temperature changes from contact with the floor.

From Ronald F: Have you ever owned an air pistol or air rifle? If so, which one do you recommend?

Answer: Yes, I have owned both. We use the air pistols in the extreme close quarters gun-fighting class because we do force on force training. For the pistols, I own a Colt 1911 replica and also a Walther P99.

For a rifle, you might want to check out the Winchester Model M 14 Semi-Automatic CO2 Air Rifle.

From Stan L: Are there any written instructions as to how/where to apply the oil/lube?

Answer: It all depends on what gun you have, a rifle, pistol etc. (Places include the rails, the barrel, contact spots where you see signs of wear.)

This is one of those cases where you want to watch a video for the exact gun you’re trying to lubricate. But, use the lube sparingly, you do not need a lot.

From Ned T: How much ammo is ideal to have on hand? And any predictions as to when might we expect pre-coronavirus prices on firearms and ammo again?

Answer: I would have at an absolute minimum 1,000 rounds of every caliber of gun you own. But, if you really want to be prepared, get 10,000 rounds of ammo for your 9mm guns, .223 guns, etc.

Regarding the virus, I always like to be optimistic and say it’ll be back to normal soon, but you just never know. This is why I always have a huge supply of ammo, so I don’t have to buy it when the prices are skyrocketing.

From Mike M: I am about to invest a large amount of money with a start up company and would like to know how long it might take to do a background check on the business partners and how much it may cost?

Answer: It all depends on the individual and how many places they have lived (and if they’ve lived overseas.)

Assuming the person hasn’t lived in a million different places and it’s a relatively easy background check to do, it should cost around $500 to $1,000 and take about a week.

(Anyone who says they’ll do it for $50 or even $100 isn’t doing a real background check, so be careful.)

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