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Mailbag Monday

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From Richard O: What is your opinion of the Ruger 57, which uses the 5.7 by 28mm round. Is this a round that can be effective in a self defense situation?

Answer: The Ruger 57 is a new firearm and it comes with a fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights. Now, as you mentioned, one of the biggest reasons for the 57’s popularity is the fact that it uses a very unique bullet.

The 5.7x28mm pistol cartridge is a small caliber, high-velocity pistol cartridge, which is based on the 5.56x45mm NATO round. The ammo is fast, delivering about 2,000 feet per second when it leaves a 5-inch barrel.

With that being said, some folks will argue that the 5.7X28mm round is more effective than a 9mm. The round has a long and slim design and is almost 4 times longer than its diameter.

So, when the 5.7 round hits the target, the bullet tends to tumble or pitch forward, making for a much larger wound cavity. The Ruger 57 is a gun I would definitely rent at your local gun store to see how you like it.

However, take into consideration that the ammo tends to be more expensive, similar to .45 caliber and may even be more difficult to find. Bottom line, it is definitely a round that can be effective for self-defense, I certainly wouldn’t want to be shot with it.

From Heidi H: I live in Las Vegas. Last week my husband went and got his pistol. Went to go get another and ALL gun stores in Vegas are sold out.

Answer: This is not surprising at all. I would look online to buy guns. I would look at places like Bud’s Gun Shop or Cheaper than Dirt. For the long term, you might also want to consider getting your own FFL so you can buy guns at zero markup.

From John B: As part of your bug out plan, what about important documents you might have difficulty replacing?

Answer: I have mine in a small fireproof safe that is easy to grab and go. I also have an encrypted flash drive where I store important documents.

From Lorin F: A prominent female Chinese scientist headed up a department at a Level 4 Biological Warfare Lab in Canada. It was reported that in the past few months she left that lab and took her computer to a Level 4 Biological Warfare Lab in Wuhan. That’s basically all the news I have to go on.

Do you believe the release of the virus, (if it wasn’t a case of someone eating an infected animal), had some nefarious ulterior motive, involving either a Chinese takeover of North America or the world?

Answer: After working for the CIA nothing surprises me. If someone told me that it didn’t come from a bat, but that the Chinese did this to hurt us, that would be par for the course because the Chinese are our #1 adversary. (If this were the case, I believe it would be a long time until the truth came out.)

From Don G: I have extra food and supplies, firearms, and ammunition, but how am I supposed to protect those? Do I answer my door holding a firearm, or do I keep it out of sight until I need it?

Answer: I don’t answer the door to anyone I don’t know. Look out a peephole or window to see who it is. If you don’t know them, you can talk to them through the door. There’s nothing that says you need to open a door to converse with someone.

Also, I always carry concealed, so if I’m going to my door, I usually have a gun in my pocket. I know of other people who have a small gun safe right next to their front door. (I would not answer the door with a gun in hand, I would keep it out of sight.)

From Luis M: I live in NJ, I have no military background or self defense training. I am looking for an authentic hand to hand combat coach or trainer. Any suggestions?

Answer: For a quick answer for in-person training, I would see if there are any Krav Maga or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu places in your area and check those out.

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