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Mailbag Monday

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From Tommy A: I am looking for night vision goggles for home defense. Do you recommend any type or brand?

Answer: When it comes to night vision goggles, the reality is that they are very expensive and the ones available on the civilian market are nothing like the ones worn by the U.S. Military.

A quality pair of goggles will cost at least $2,000, but there’s no doubt they can provide a tactical advantage.

One to check out is the Armasight Vega Gen 1. These sell for a little over $2,000 on Amazon, but they are quality goggles.

From Terry H: Is there a way to communicate with someone located on the other side of the country in another state when there is no telephone or cellphone service? Is it with radio that requires a license?

Answer: One of the best ways communicate during a disaster is with a satellite phone. I have personally used a SAT phone in remote parts of the world and I can tell you that these are the best way to stay in touch.

Also, HAM radio is a great option because with a repeater you can reach across the country.

If you are going to use a HAM radio, you do need a license and you would need to tell your family in advance what frequencies you can be reached on and what times you will be listening such as every hour on the hour or every quarter hour.

Plus, you would need to carry a repeater guide for your area with you at all times since it’s not typically programmed in the radio like a typical radio does.

From Karen G: I am in a wheelchair and need to know if there are any tips for someone like me to use?

Answer: Unfortunately, criminals like to prey on those who they believe are easy targets such as folks in a wheelchair.

First, make sure you always use good situational awareness and let them know that you see them. In other words, if someone is following you, make sure they know that you see them.

Next, have some way to defend yourself such as a firearm, stun gun or tactical pen. In addition, if you are attacked, remember to fight back any way possible.

I have trained several people in wheelchairs and they like to keep a gun with them, and one fellow did have to pull his gun (not use it) to get out of a dangerous situation.

From Brent P: Why don’t people carry revolvers anymore? What if a semi-auto happens to jam right at the moment of defense when needed the most?

Answer: I have nothing against revolvers and I think they are a better fit for some folks than semi-autos.

For many people with weaker hands or arthritis, using a revolver is a better option since you don’t have to be able to manipulate a slide like you do on a semi-auto.

However, I definitely prefer a semi-auto because they hold more rounds.

Plus, if you train with your gun, you can clear a jam in less than a second, in the event one occurs.

From Barry L: How do I dispose of old ammo that is unsafe to use?

Answer: I would call your local gun range and see if they can dispose of it, which they often will.

If they won’t do it, call your local police department and see if they’ll take the ammo and many of them will take it off your hands.

From Danny S: I had a friend recently show me a ceramic knife. He stated since there is no metal they are not able to be picked up on scanners like at airports.

These knives are fixed blades and very sharp. Are these a good idea?

Answer: Many companies include metal shavings in their ceramic knives so people can’t get them through security checkpoints.

You would need a metal detector to test it and see if your blade was really 100% ceramic. (Of course, don’t go anywhere illegal with it.)

These blades are fine, but I prefer a metal blade that can take more abuse.

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