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Mailbag Monday

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From Glenn T: Just wanted to ask your thoughts about the .260 Remington?

Answer: The .260 Remington bullet came out in 1997 and has been a popular round with hunters because of the low recoil and accuracy of the bullet.

The .260 is most effective in 120-grain and 140-grain bullets, delivering muzzle velocities of about 2950 fps and 2750 fps.

The thing is, the .260 bullet never gained wide popularity, except among hunters.

One of the reasons is there was a lot of competition for the .260, such as the Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor round.

Lastly, these days, we are seeing fewer guns chambered in .260, so there simply isn’t a huge market for the round.

So, it’s a good round, nothing wrong with it, it’s just not popular.

From Maggie E: I read an article about pepper spray vs. bear spray. Isn’t there an ingredient in bear spray that could cause irreparable neurological harm to a human?

I’ve heard of attackers suing their victims claiming the victim knew the consequences but used it anyway?

Answer: Most bear and pepper spray contain the same ingredient, oleoresin capsicum (OC.) However, the biggest difference is that bear spray contains a much lower concentration.

With that being said, I would imagine there have been cases where folks have been sued for using these products since this is the U.S. and people sue anyone for any reason.

The manufacturer of these types of products does put warning labels on them that they may cause permanent eye damage along with other physicals risks.

But, I’ll be honest, if someone is trying to attack or kill me, I’ll use whatever I have on me.

From Anthony N: I was told that outward swinging doors are more secure than inward swinging doors. Is this true?

Answer: The problem with inward swinging doors is that they aren’t as strong as an outward swinging door.

For example, when criminals kick in a door, the majority of the time it will be an inward swinging door, since most homes are built with these types of doors.

An inward swinging door is only as strong as the screws or nails holding the hinge in place, while most outward swinging doors will have full contact with the door to the frame making them stronger.

Now, since most homes have inward swinging doors I recommend a product called Night Lock, which is basically a brace you can place behind your door to hopefully prevent it from being kicked in.

From Alyssa T: How do I stop an ex from contacting me?

Answer: First, I would make it clear to the person that you no longer want them to contact you.

If they continue to do so, I would block them from contacting you anyway possible including text, e-mail, social media, and any other communication method.

Finally, if the person has made threats or is harassing you then you should contact your local police and speak to them about how you can seek a protective/restraining order against the person.

Also, keep records of each time they try and contact you. Most importantly, once you tell them to never contact you again, do not respond to future messages from them.

You have to ignore this person and most people don’t have enough discipline to do this.

From Lucille V: I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment. I don’t have a lot of space to store emergency supplies.

I have looked into renting a storage unit nearby, but I don’t think I can afford the monthly cost. What do you suggest?

Answer: If there isn’t any space for your survival gear I suggest at the very least storing a 72-hour kit in your closet.

The thing is your 72-hour kit can hopefully provide you with enough time and supplies to leave your apartment and get to safety after a disaster.

Of course, in a perfect world, you would have at least one month’s worth of supplies but a 72-hour kit with food and water can hopefully sustain you until you are able to leave or be rescued after an emergency.

Also, in many places, you can rent a storage unit for $25 a month, the size of a closet.

I would cut back on other expenses (cable, cell phone, going out to eat) to come up with the extra money.

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