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Mailbag Monday

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From Ann S: I was wondering about this not so fancy flip phone you say you have.  Could you explain how you went from a smart phone to a flip phone…and how you adjusted to not having Siri/google etc?

Answer: Many years ago, when Smartphones first came out and people began buying them I simply avoided the trend. I’ve never had to adjust to not having Google/ Siri because I’ve never depended on them.

With that being said, I realize most folks are incredibly dependent of their Smartphones, but from a security standpoint, the best thing to do is exercise self-discipline and ditch the Smartphone.

It’s just like breaking any other habit, which over time will become easier. Plus, it’s more enjoyable when you’re not one of those people whose face is glued to the phone 24/7.

From Tristan T: How do I become a spy like you?

Answer: Stay out of trouble and apply to the many government agencies. Apply to the CIA, NSA, DIA, NGA and others. Don’t forget about military intelligence too.

From Robert A: I live in NYC where practically everything is illegal. Use of pepper spray would involve proving necessary force as the only recourse.

Police are suspect of anyone carrying a knife. Even a Swiss Army. Guns are not an option. Any suggestions?

Answer: Unfortunately, for folks that live in NYC, often times, the best self-defense weapon they can carry is a tactical pen.

I love carrying my tactical pen since it also works as a regular writing pen and it’s what I have on me every time I travel to New York.

From Randall Z: I’m a second-degree Black Belt, but how do you stop a man who is shooting randomly at people? Lately a killer opens a door, walks in then commences firing with an automatic weapon. How do you approach a lunatic?

Answer: You have to rush him and take him down. Study how the Israeli’s always rush and take down one of these threats.

This is not the magic answer that people want to hear, but every second costs lives, so you have to move in and disarm and tackle them.

From Manny R: I’ve heard you mention the FBI’s firearms qualification test before. I found several variations on the internet, but they all seem different from one another. Do you have an authoritative source for the stages of this test?

Answer: The FBI qualification is only 60 rounds and encompasses five different stages including varying distance and timing.

To find an accurate explanation of the qualification I use, I would do an internet search such as “FBI Qual, 60 rounds, 5 stages.” There are plenty of different websites that explain each stage of the qualification.

From Timothy L: I know you addressed this problem before but I did not quite understand the solution.

Is there a way to communicate with someone located on the other side of the country in another state when there is no telephone or cellphone service? Is it with radio that requires a license?

Answer: The number one way I recommend communicating during a disaster is with a satellite phone.

I have personally used a SAT phone in remote parts of the world and I can tell you that these are the best way to stay in touch. In addition, HAM radio is a great option because with a repeater you can reach across the country.

If you are going to use a HAM radio, you do need a license and you would need to tell your family in advance what frequencies you can be reached on and what times you will be listening, such as every hour on the hour or every quarter hour.

Plus, you would need to carry a repeater guide for your area with you at all times since it’s not typically programmed in the radio.

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