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Mailbag Monday

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From Joe M: What are your thoughts on shoulder holsters?

Answer: The thing about shoulder holsters is that you need to train with them often so you can safely draw.

So, one of the biggest problems with shoulder holsters is you’re inherently sweeping bystanders to get on target. The only people that I recommend use a shoulder holster are those that do a lot of driving in the car.

In other words, if you were part of a protective detail as the driver, you’d want a shoulder holster since it’s easy to dry and fire from a seated position in a vehicle.

From Cade T: I have a hot tub that holds 450 gallons of water. Is there any reason I couldn’t use this as my emergency water supply as long as I filter the water before I drink it?

Answer: Good idea. I always recommend thinking of a pool or hot tub as a bonus water source, but not to 100% depend on it in an emergency.

What I mean is, a hot tub that is full of water and treated with chlorine can absolutely be used as drinking water if you use a filter.

However, I recommend having water stored in your home in 5-gallon or 7-gallon containers, which is the water you go to first.

From Kasey W: I just purchased a new computer and was curious what is the best defense for viruses and the like?

Answer: The best defense from viruses is to take multiple steps that reduce the chances of your computer being infected. First, I would recommend some type of anti-virus software like Norton or McAfee.

Next, always check to make sure your computer has the latest software updates and never download a file or attachment, unless you know the person who it’s coming from.

Also, make sure you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network.) I use TunnelBear, but there are plenty of good VPNs out there.

From Anthony T: I recently read an article in a magazine about bulletproof foam. Since this clearly falls into your area of expertise, what are your thoughts on this product…

Answer: I’ve read about some of the tests being conducted on the bulletproof foam. Basically, it’s a type of foam that is made from metal, which during testing turns bullets into a dust upon contact.

Clearly, this is in the very early stages of development and it need to go through rigorous everyday application testing before we see it being used.

However, as long as it stops bullets that’s all that matters, so we may see it in the mainstream market one day.

From Janice H: I have a question about the handling of guns when looking for a handgun to buy in a gun store… What is the proper way to handle the gun? I’m new to firearms.

Answer: Every store has different rules when looking at new guns, but no matter, what always remember the safety rules. Never point the gun at anyone and treat all guns as if they are loaded.

If you want to see what the trigger pull feels like, I would ask the employee if it’s okay to do so after making sure the gun isn’t loaded, and obviously, point it in a safe direction to pull the trigger.

The safest direction is usually to just keep the gun pointed at the floor while you are looking at it.

From Kenny T: Many of my friends that shoot for recreation are using silencers these days. What are the steps necessary in owning a silencer?

Answer: It’s a lengthy process to buy a suppressor. First, you need to find a local FFL class III dealer who can sell you a suppressor. Then, you would go to them and fill out the ATF application.

Once you fill out the application you would send that to the ATF along with a $200 check and wait to hear back for approval. It can take 4 to 6 months or longer, to get through this process.

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