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Mailbag Monday

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From Marilyn B: Any suggestions for ways women can conceal carry in a dress?

Answer: You could try using a bellyband. There are also the bra holsters such as the Flashbang. But, there really aren’t a ton of good options. Many women simply choose to carry in a purse when wearing a dress.

There are a lot of companies these days that make purses specifically for concealed carry and you can see your options doing an internet search.

From Jimmy L: Where can I get bulk ammo for cheap? Obviously, I don’t want to sacrifice quality, but I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg either.

Answer: These days, 53% of people buy ammo online and this is a good option if you are looking for inexpensive bulk ammo.

One of the places I’ve purchased ammo at decent prices is Cheaper Than Dirt and also the website Bulk Ammo.

No matter where you buy your ammo, I would stay away from the cheap brands such as Wolf or TulAmmo.

From Richard T: My car has been broken into twice in the last few weeks.

The second time there was nothing visible worth stealing but they still went through all the compartments anyway.

What can I do to make my car less appealing to thieves?

Answer: One of the most important things you can do is to choose where you park carefully. When possible, you should park in a well-lit area where there is as much foot traffic as possible.

Now, as you mentioned, you should never leave anything in your car that could attract a thief. This includes any type of electronic charger or wires because the criminal might think the actual electronic is stored somewhere in the vehicle.

Plus, don’t forget that criminals like to steal stereos, so if you can remove the faceplate of the stereo that is a good idea. I don’t know what kind of care you drive, but I certainly wouldn’t be parking something like a BMW in Baltimore City.

Also, if you really want to go a step further, you can get something like looks like blood and put it all over your door handles.

This would obviously cause issues for you, but you could do things to make people want to avoid your car. (Like I said, this is extreme, but pigs blood works well.)

From Jon C: How do I get the water out of the hot water heater when water becomes scarce?

Answer: Water heaters can be a great source of water during an emergency. The first thing you would want to do is turn off power to the heater.

Typically, water heaters are either electric or gas, but either way, you want to make sure they are turned off. There should be a switch to turn off the power or you can turn off the circuit breaker.

Next, if you are worried about a tainted water supply, you want to turn off the valve that lets new water into the tank. This valve should be at the top of the tank near the pipe that brings in new water.

Finally, at the bottom of the tank you should see a drain and valve. Some of these drains have garden hose connections so you can hook a hose up and drain the water into another container.

Even though water from a water heater should be safe to drink, I would still recommend using a water filter to clean the water before drinking.

From Phil S: If your home door lock has been picked, does it damage the lock so that the key is more difficult to turn?

A few days ago, the key to my front door began suddenly sticking, needing to juggle it a bit to turn.

Answer: This is a possibility, especially if the person who may have picked the lock is inexperienced.

What I mean is, when you pick a lock once, there isn’t typically damage to the lock unless the person really didn’t know what they were doing and damaged the lock.

Usually, a lock would have to be picked many times for it to sustain any damage.

From Sam B: Are there any extra EDC items you recommend carrying when the weather changes?

Answer: My EDC items stay pretty consistent. The only thing I really adjust is clothes such as having a jacket or a cap or gloves in the wintertime.

(If you do wear gloves, make sure you can still draw and shoot your gun. You don’t want the super-thick gloves where you can’t get your finger in the trigger.)


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