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Mailbag Monday

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From Tom L: I was recently given some loose ammo for my 9mm. I don’t know where it originated, how old it is, or how it has been stored.

It was given to me in a zip-lock bag that doesn’t look too clean. In short, I don’t trust or want this ammo. What is the “proper” or best way to dispose of it?

Answer: Two options. Call your local gun store and see if they will dispose of it. If they have an indoor range, they usually will.

Second option is to call the local police non-emergency number. Usually, you can take the ammo into a police station and they will safely dispose of it for you.

From David G: I would just like to know, in your opinion, which Sig Sauer model would be a good concealed carry weapon?

Answer: Wow, there are a lot of choices. For pocket guns, try the Sig P238 or the Sig P365. (I use the Sig P365 as my pocket guns.)

For larger guns that you’ll carry inside or outside the waistband, try the Sig P250 or P320.

From Monty W: What handgun safe do you use and where can I get one?

Answer: Since I have many guns stored throughout my home I use a number of different safes. One of the safes I would check out is the GunVault MicroVault MV500 and other safes made by GunVault.

I would also check out the safes made by Fort Knox. I have a combination of digital safes (takes batteries) and simplex safes that don’t rely on batteries so I always have backups. You can get these safes on Amazon.

From Jerry K: You mentioned that Glocks are not a natural pointing gun. What did you mean by that?

Answer: What I mean, is if you give a new shooter a Glock, they will most likely aim high when shooting. The reason is because the Glock grip angle is at about 22 degrees off square.

Comparatively, the 1911 grip angle, including variants, such as the Springfield XD, is more nearly square to the slide at about 18 degrees off square.

In other words, its better not to fight what is a natural grip angle for most shooters. Basically, the shooters hand and wrist anatomy naturally aim better with pistols other than Glocks, which is why a 1911 is a more natural pointing gun.

From Ray T: Last year my hometown witnessed dangerous flooding after snow began melting. Just curious which car window you should break if you end up trapped in a vehicle with rising water.

Answer: If you ever find yourself in a sinking car, you will typically have 30-60 seconds to escape before the car is submerged. Now, once a car is in the water, it’s very difficult to open the doors so you immediately want to roll down the windows.

The longer you wait to roll down the windows the harder it will be to do so. If you can’t roll down a window and you need to smash one out, use whatever window is closest to you.

You want to kick in the corner of the window (where it’s stiffest) and not in the middle to break the window. If you are using a hard object or a tactical pen, you still want to strike in one of the corners of the window too.

From Larry K: I will be getting a new cell phone in the next month or so. Wondering if you can share ideas on how to keep it and my info/searches secure.

I currently use Disconnect search engine but it takes me to a site that already knows who I am! Any suggestions you can post would be appreciated.

Answer: Just like you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when on your computer, I recommend doing the same thing on your cell phone. If you are browsing the internet on your smartphone you should use a VPN such as TunnelBear.

In addition, I would turn off the GPS tracking on your phone and always make sure that a code is required to access your phone. Also, use a search engine like DuckDuckGo when browsing.

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