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Mailbag Monday

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From Randy C: What rating do you recommend for bulletproof vests?

Answer: I would buy level IIIA, which will stop up to a .44 Magnum. This is the soft body armor that police wear.

Before you buy body armor though, I will tell you that it is uncomfortable to wear. So, unless you work in law enforcement, it’s not something I would ever want to wear on a daily basis.

However, I have mine for emergency situations and I know others who have it near their bed for home defense.

From Darren L: Can children attend the Ultimate Spy Week?

Answer: Yes, children can attend as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.

We’ve had people attend from all age groups including entire families, as well as many dads and sons and mothers and daughters.

From Terry W: Which gun would you consider the best bang for your buck? The LCP or the Sig Sauer P238?

Answer: Both are great guns, but I’m a Sig Sauer fan, so I would choose the Sig P238. The P238 is modeled after the 1911, which is another gun I love.

Newer models of the P238 come standard with night sights and are overall a great firearm.

The P238 is more expensive than the LCP, but I think the extra money is well worth it.

From Riley B: What are your thoughts on a stun-gun for self-defense? I live in Hawaii and need some way to defend myself.

Answer: I’m a gun guy, but I realize not everyone lives somewhere where they can legally carry a firearm.

With that in mind, I think a stun gun is a great option for self-defense and many people I train carry them.

However, I just did a bit of quick research and it looks like a stun gun is not legal in Hawaii. So, your best option for self-defense is a tactical pen.

From Greg F: When it comes to financial unrest, electronic payments depend on reliable Internet connections, and if that fails in general, not just for one or two sites, then people could find themselves unable to make any purchases.

What do you recommend for this type of scenario?

Answer: You’re absolutely right. It’s important to have cash on hand because you never know if you will be unable to access your bank.

For this reason, I recommend having one month’s worth of living expenses in cash on hand.

Of course, you’ll want to store this in a secure, fireproof safe.

But, if things get really bad, all the cash in the world won’t matter, which is why you want to have plenty of food storage and water storage.

From Lindsey W: I know you give a lot of information on how not to appear as an easy target.

My question is about what can a woman can do, if she does get attacked, to keep from getting sexually assaulted?

Answer: There are many tactics to do in such a traumatic situation. However, I would try to attack their eyes and gouge them with my thumbs as hard as possible.

The throat is also very sensitive and you should punch them in the throat if you can.

If you go crazy on them and never give up, you will win and they will go and try and find an easier victim.

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