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AK-47’s Good for Home Defense?

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Earlier this year, a Houston, TX homeowner fatally shot three men and wounded two others, all of whom attempted a home invasion.

According to police, the suspects forced their way into a home in East Houston around 1am and a shootout ensued.

“The homeowner appears to have defended himself,” Houston Police Department homicide detective Travis Miller told media outlets. The homeowner was not hurt.

It all began when two men wearing ski masks broke into the home demanding cash the homeowner said, at which point, he grabbed his firearm and started shooting.

The homeowner said that he used a “fully-loaded AK-47” to take down the assailants, saying that two men were shooting back at him as they fled the home.

According to Detective Miller, “We have multiple, multiple shell casings from several different types of guns.”

One suspect was found dead in front of the home. The others fled the scene in an SUV, as well as on foot.

However, the SUV crashed into a pole and one suspect was found dead inside of it.

A third suspect got out of the SUV, attempted to run, but collapsed, and died later at a hospital.

The homeowner said that he believed he was targeted by the suspects for money and jewelry.

The two remaining suspects were taken to a hospital with injuries.

The reality is, this home defense story is a perfect example of why high capacity magazines are needed and why a rifle is a solid choice for home defense.

And, there is no question the AK-47 packs a bigger punch compared to other home defense options such as the AR-15.

Basically, the AK-47 round is a bigger, beefier round that hits with more punch.

Another thing about the AK-47 is that they are known for looser tolerances.

What this means is the manufacturing deviation from the originally specified dimensions of a manufactured part.

In other words, the AK-47’s are known for a manufacturing process that leaves a lot of play between parts, meaning you can pull an AK-47 out of the mud after a year and it’ll still fire just fine.

The AK-47 is incredibly reliable, which is why it is so popular with many militaries.

On the other hand, the looser tolerances of the AK platform also lead it to be less accurate compared to other firearms. (This is not a problem for home defense though, since you’re not shooting out to 300 yards.)

One of the many reasons the AK-47 remains so popular overseas is the AK-47 is cheaper to buy, cheaper to shoot, and cheaper to maintain.

Since the AK-47 has a simple manufacturing process they are usually cheaper compared to other rifles.

Plus, because they are so reliable you don’t have to change parts as often as you do with other firearms.

For example, some AKs have a barrel that will last 100,000 rounds.

As for ammo, AK-47 ammunition is similarly priced to other comparable rounds, but it can be found cheaper in bulk. (Especially if you buy the crappy Tula ammo.)

So, if you think an AK might strike your fancy, here are a few to check out…

Century International Arms WASR-10. The WASR-10 is the leader of affordable reliability. This rifle has been stress tested and held up for well over 10,000 rounds.

People have even buried these rifles, then dug them up and the rifle still fired fine.

With that being said, this is a very basic rifle, there are no rails for optics or attachments.

The barrel is fitted with a slant-cut compensator, which can be easily replaced since the barrel is threaded.

The WASR-10 is the go-to AK-47 for those who want a rough and reliable rifle that just works.

Those who are looking to get their first AK-47 and shooters who tend to abuse their rifles will be happy with this AK.

Arsenal SLR. The Arsenal SLR represents the top of the line when it comes to AKs.

The SLR comes in two variations: a standard 36.9-inch model and a shorter, 34.5-inch model.

The 36.9-inch variant is your typical AK-47. Whereas, the 34.5-inch chassis comes with a shorter hand guard and gas tube so you can shorten the barrel, if you want.

The standard 36.9-inch variant is best for most shooters, since shortening the barrel requires you to go through the legal compliance process.

The Arsenal is made of polymer, an upgrade over traditional wood, including a polymer stock and pistol grip, which help keep the weight down.

The barrel is chrome lined and durable enough to hold up even with cheap ammo that uses corrosive primers.

I.O. Inc. AKM-247C. Inter Ordnance is a military surplus importer based in Florida.

The company brings the U.S. military specifications to the AK-47 platform.

The stock of the AKM is stamped steel and weighs very little, the entire gun weighs 7 pounds.

Additionally, the stock is foldable so this rifle can get small for easy storage and transportation.

The finish on the rifle is parkerized, which isn’t traditional to the AK-47 platform, but provides better corrosion resistance and serves as a good base for those who want to paint their rifle.

The AKM-247C is a solid performer for the price. It’s a good option for those who want a rifle that’s light and easy to store.

The fact is, the AK-47 rifle gives you the most bang for your buck.

While it may face accuracy issues based on it’s manufacturing, most home defense shootings are going to occur in very close quarters so you’ll have no problem hitting the threat.

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