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Mailbag Monday

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From Julie L: I just purchased a bunch of tactical pens for Christmas gifts. Many of my co-workers do a lot of writing, so I want to also get them ink refills.

What type of ink refills does the tactical pen use?

Answer: The tactical pen refill can be purchased at any office supply store. Just look for the Schneider Slider 755 XB Ballpoint Pen Refill.

You can also find these refills on Amazon for about $5 for a pack of two.

From Jason P: Do you have a recommendation for a personal key tag/carry alarm for kids to carry with them?

Answer: I like the GE Personal Security Keychain Alarm. It has a 120-decibel alarm and an LED light.

The way it works is you activate the 120-decibel alarm by pulling the pin in an emergency to immediately draw attention and alert others.

The specific design of the alarm makes it difficult for an attacker to deactivate the alarm. Plus, the LED key light is convenient when looking for a car or door keyhole.

From Richard F: One of my biggest safety concerns is using the rest room stall or standing at the urinal with my back to the world.

I travel often and I am in an area that has lots of rebels and I also frequent local shops.

Using the rest room always makes me uneasy because my back is to the world or in a stall it’s such a confined space. Any suggestions about defense would be great.

Answer: Using a public restroom is one place where we need to have heightened situational awareness.

If you are in dangerous areas, I would go to the bathroom with a tactical pen in your hand. (Most people pee staring at their cell phone, you’ll be better prepared with a tactical pen ready if you need it.)

If you happen to be standing with your back to other people, I recommend using the urinal that is against a wall on the end so that threats can’t come at you from all directions.

Most importantly, when you first walk into the restroom, quickly scan the entire area and walk out if anything doesn’t feel right.

From Douglas H : Do I need an FFL in order to trade (buy/sell) ammo?

Answer: In most states, you do not need an FFL to buy and sell ammo as long as you’re not manufacturing the ammo yourself.

However, a few states such as NY do require an FFL to sell ammo. So, I would check with your state laws before selling ammo.

From Dwayne T: What secure search engine do you recommend for browsing the internet?

Answer: Check out both DuckDuckGo and StartPage. For instance, StartPage uses Google’s search results, but removes all the tracking and logging of your information.

Basically, you are getting the expertise of a Google search, but without all the ad’s and other information getting in the way.

From Johnny M: I’ve watched your videos about escaping handcuffs. I’m becoming pretty good at it. But I wondered is carrying a handcuff key legal in all 50 states?

Answer: There are no specific federal or state laws restricting ownership of handcuff keys.

However, some jurisdictions have restrictions on people who have been convicted of crimes carrying them.

In other words, if you’ve been convicted of a felony or have a lengthy criminal history, you may not want to carry a handcuff key in case you are stopped by police.

The best thing to do is to check your local laws regarding carrying handcuff keys. However, I have been all over the U.S. and the world with a handcuff key concealed on me.

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