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Mailbag Monday

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From William T: Do you carry any knives that are made completely of fabricated carbon?

Answer: No, all my knives are made out of some type of steel. Carbon fiber is great for knife handles, but as a blade, it will wear down very quickly and easily when used for cutting or slicing.

I would be very cautious when buying a carbon fiber blade as this is not something you would want to depend on in a survival situation.

From Randy D: I regularly carry a Colt 1911 and I dry fire it 10 minutes a day like you suggest. I’m concerned that might cause a fair amount of wear on the firing pin?

Answer: This is a myth. You can dry fire your 1911 until the cows come home and you won’t have any troubles. I’ve been dry firing my 1911s for years.

Any modern, reputable 1911 can withstand tens of thousands of dry fires. I love to hear that you’re dry firing daily as this will absolutely make you a better shooter.

From Doug M: I own a few rifles and a couple of handguns. For a disaster situation or just being prepared, how many rounds do you feel is the minimum you should always have in hand?

Answer: At a minimum, I would have 1,000 rounds of ammunition for every caliber you own.

But, that is the minimum. Over time, I would build up to have 10,000 rounds for each caliber.

From Jerry W: I have been in a few restaurants where the seats in the rear were the farthest from the nearest exit.

If some lunatic, or terrorist (if there’s a difference) comes and starts spraying rounds around, this would greatly reduce the odds of escape. Thoughts?

Answer: You bring up a great point and you are right. Most restaurants I’ve been in have had an exit to the rear. If there wasn’t one, then you could change tables to be closer to the exit.

Don’t forget that there is always a back exit out the kitchen for staff. In an emergency, you could run out the back.

However, if some guy is shooting up the place and you have a gun, I hope you’d consider staying and stopping the attack.

From Allison T: There is an electrical outlet in the lobby of the local post office, homeless people often use it to recharge their cell phones as they sleep beside it.

At night, if I am alone, I turn the car dome light to the “off” setting, so it doesn’t illuminate the interior when I exit.

I then either make a hand motion at the car (as if answering someone inside it) or I may say something as if responding to a person in the car.

If someone thinks I’m not alone, perhaps they may be less inclined to start trouble.

Answer: Great ideas making it appear you are not alone. I would also suggest carrying a self-defense tool with you.

You can’t carry guns at the Post Office, but you can carry a Tactical Pen or even a quality metal flashlight that you could whack someone with.

Of course, avoid going to the Post Office alone at night, when possible.

From Dwight E: I applied for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) months ago and I haven’t heard anything back from the ATF.

Is this typical and or is there anything I can do? Do they send a letter or what letting you know?

Answer: I heard from the ATF within 60 days. Since you are past the 60 days, I would definitely contact the ATF to see what’s going on or to find out if you need to provide more documentation.

Maybe there was an issue with your application that they are waiting to resolve.

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