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Mailbag Monday

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From Barry M: When I walk my dog in town we are sometimes harassed by one or more unleashed dogs.

There is something about a dog on a leash that seems to trigger a pack mentality among some unleashed dogs. Would a stun gun work on a dog if I were ever attacked?

Answer: Yes, it should. However, just like it doesn’t work on all humans, there is no guarantee it will work on all dogs.

If you are going to use a stun gun, I would still have a real gun as a backup.

From Carly W: I work on the 28th floor of a high-rise building and have been thinking a lot about how I would respond in the event of an emergency.

There aren’t many options when you’re up this high. What are your thoughts on a parachute?

Answer: The problem with a parachute is too much could go wrong. Plus, if people were under pressure they might not put it on and/or execute the parachute properly.

What I recommend is having a flashlight (and whatever weapons you’re allowed) at your desk. If anything seems out of the ordinary, make for the exits immediately.

On September 11th, people didn’t initially evacuate because management came over the speakers and told them to remain in their offices. Ignore what anyone tells you, trust your gut, and make for stairs immediately.

From Becky D: I’ve watched you escape duct tape on TV when your hands are taped in front of you. A good professional will always tape your hands behind your back. Does your method still work if the hands are behind your back…

Answer: Most criminals will tape you in the front so they can lead you around and control you. It’s actually hard and time consuming to duct tape someone from behind, which is why we do this during the live training course so people can see it’s not likely to happen.

But yes, there is an escape for this if someone does tape you from behind and it will be covered in-depth during Spy Week.

From Gerald C: What do you think about gun safes that have finger print access? Would you buy one? Also, there are ones that will have wifi with a watch or ring.

Answer: I don’t like fingerprint access safes and don’t own one. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people not being able to open them because their finger was too dry, too sweaty, too dirty, etc. and I have experienced this myself when testing some models.

Also, I don’t like the watch or Wi-Fi ones either. Just too much technology that can break down and cause your safe not to open at the wrong time.

From Katie R: My local gun shop is recommending the S&W 442 38 special revolver and Ruger LCR 38 Special revolver. They say almost everyone that works in their shop carriers one of these in a pocket… but I can’t help but be concerned the smaller .38 round could take more than one round to stop an assailant.

Answer: The .38 round is a great round for self-defense. But, that’s not my concern. These guns are easy to conceal, but are very difficult to shoot if you don’t practice often.

I would definitely recommend you try these before you buy. If you’re like a lot of women I train, you will not want this gun since it’s like a firecracker going off in your hand.

From James H: I have enjoyed all your articles and have found your information dead on. I was a Law Enforcement Officer for twenty years and you know what you speak of and others better take advantage of your service.

Have you ever had a disabled person take your classes? I would like to take several of your classes but I have a small problem, I’m in a wheelchair. Any chance that I could take the less physical classes?

Answer: Absolutely, you can take the classes. I’ve trained many people over the years who’ve been in wheelchairs and this includes our escape & evasion course, pistol courses and rifle courses.

(One of my favorite customers is a fellow named Stanley. Stanley is 83-years-old and in a wheelchair and has taken every single course we do.) So, just let me know what classes you wish to attend.

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