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Mailbag Monday

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From Scott M: You hinted you wouldn’t trust cyber security programs based out of Russia. Did you say Kaspersky Anti-virus protection? This is what I have and am considering changing. What computer virus programs do you recommend and use?

Answer: The problem with Kaspersky is that hackers working for the Russian government used Kaspersky anti-virus software to target U.S. computers that contained classified information.

The hackers stole information that detailed how the U.S. defends against cyber-attacks.

Russian hackers used Kaspersky to search for terms like “top secret” across computers where Kaspersky software was installed. My point is, I would definitely avoid using Kaspersky at all costs since we know the company has been compromised.

If you are looking for a new anti-virus software, I would check out companies such as Norton Anti-Virus or McAfee.

From Michael P: First I want you to know that I truly enjoy your newsletters and blogs. A number of my friends have expressed to me that the SKS is very dependable and more fun on the range than an AK. What do you think?

Answer: When it comes to the SKS vs. the AK-47, they are both fun guns. However, the SKS has not earned the same reputation for reliability as the AK-47. On the other hand, most shooters will tell you that the SKS is more accurate compared to the AK, but just slightly so.

The SKS used to have a huge price advantage over the average AK rifle. Nowadays, you are still going to pay more for an AK-47, but the SKS is not as cheap as it used to be.

Overall, the AK-47 will have a cheaper cost of ownership, better aftermarket accessories and marginally better ergonomics. If you are looking for an inexpensive, dependable rifle, I would go with the AK.

From Jaime L: Given your column this week about “invading Californians”, we wondered if you had any advice for us in terms of fitting into new towns/states. We are conservative, Christian, gun-owning old-time Californians who just can’t stand California and what it’s become anymore.

Do you have any thoughts for us regular old middle-class people types who want to leave for places where we can be near people like ourselves?

Answer: Here’s what I believe is the perfect type of place for people like you and me.  Ideally, you want to find a town with a population that is about 25,000 to 50,000 in size. Obviously, I would avoid moving to a big city as they tend to be less conservative compared to small town America.

Plus, in smaller towns, people respect other people’s privacy and they are not “big government.” Think of small towns in places like Idaho, Northern Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

In these small towns, you are more likely to be around similarly minded folks who are supportive of gun rights and other conservative values. For example, I love that in my town you can go to the grocery store and see some guy carrying a 1911 on his hip and nobody freaks out.

From Pat M: You’ve said before that you invest in silver. I just would like to know who you do business with in that regard? You see, I’m retired and disabled and on a fixed income and I’m fairly certain that you get silver Eagles at a great price.

Answer: I definitely recommend investing in gold/silver. My gold and silver person is Forest Hamilton. You can reach him at or call 800-822-4653. He’s an honest guy and the only person I deal with when it comes to gold and silver transactions.

From Casey G: Have you ever heard of a “gun trust”, a legal entity that owns firearms for you?

Answer: You would want to create a gun trust if you were buying NFA firearms such as a suppressor (silencer) or a short-barreled rifle. The gun trust allows you to easily transfer these firearms to a loved one without having to do a ton of paperwork.

Basically, gun trusts can make it easier to handle firearms after the owner’s death and may prevent surviving family members from inadvertently violating the law.

From Stan E: My family and I are traveling a lot during the holidays and we were wondering if you can you give us some advice in how to react if we hear an explosion nearby–if we’re on the street, subway, or airport?

Answer: Every case is different, but if you hear an explosion, you want to run in the opposite direction as all the other people. Most people will be running towards the main exit where you could get trampled or there could be another bomb.

You need to have situational awareness and always know where a second exit is located. So, whether it’s a mall, airport, or subway system, you need to always be aware of the second exit so you can escape quickly.

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