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Mailbag Monday

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From Clark B: I recently bought my first gun. A Mossberg 590 12-gauge shotgun. What is your recommendation for the best type of ammunition for home defense for this weapon?

Answer: I use 00 buck (double-ought buckshot) for home defense. Federal and Winchester make solid shells. The most important factor is that you want a round with stopping power.

It’s estimated that a single 00 buck shell can convey as much force as 10-15 .380 handgun rounds at close range. That’s a lot of stoppage from a single shot, making shotgun shells great for home defense.

I know some people say birdshot, but that is not a good idea. It doesn’t have enough power to stop a threat. Birdshot will only make them a very angry home intruder.

From Garth G: My wife is 90 and thinking of not buying a car but using Uber to get around town. I’m wondering how you feel about Uber?

Answer: I have never used the Uber app and don’t recommend it. In my opinion, they’re more dangerous than taxis and it’s a lot easier for a criminal to sign up as an Uber Driver.

Uber claims they do background checks, but they must be using only the $9.95 type of background checks that are a complete joke. The taxi cab industry is heavily regulated and monitored by local governments so the drivers are screened better.

Uber doesn’t have this same type of scrutiny, therefore it’s easier for drivers to have criminal backgrounds. Just google “Uber Attacks” and you’ll see what I mean.

From John P: I have a question about traveling with a firearm, is it possible to UPS or FedEx your gun to your destination?

Answer: You can certainly ship your firearms to your destination. With that being said, the USPS will allow you to ship long guns, but they will not ship handguns. For other guns, ship them via UPS.

You will want to contact your local UPS and follow their procedures for shipping firearms.

If you want to take the safest route, then go to your local gun store and have them ship to a gun store in the area you’re traveling to. (This is just one FFL shipping a gun to another FFL and it happens all the time.)

From Douglas F: If you were on an airline flight with a high jacking in progress, what would you do?

Answer: We learned from September 11th that you now must rush the attackers and take them down at all costs. You can’t hesitate. I (like many others) have thought about this many times since I fly so much and that will be my plan.

A simple punch to the throat, knee to the groin or jab to the eye does some serious damage. Plus, you will hopefully have many others joining you to stop the terrorist.

From Terry W: I’ve heard part of CIA training involves very advanced techniques of conversational elicitation techniques. I’m interested in this for sales. Are you aware of any good resources to learn these skills?

Answer: You are correct. It’s called Elicitation and this is the best sales course in the world because it teaches you how to use techniques to get someone to betray their country. (Of course, you can use the techniques in regular business for good purposes.)

We do teach a course on this for private groups and companies, if you want to call me or send me an email.

From Lincoln Y: What are your thoughts on pepper spray?

Answer: I’m not a big fan of pepper spray for two reasons: First, when pepper spray is used outdoors, it is easily blown around by the wind and can be blown back towards the person using it.

Second, pepper spray doesn’t always work and some people are able to fight through the discomfort of the spray and continue to attack.

In fact, when police officers go through the academy they are pepper sprayed so they can fully understand the effects and many police officers aren’t phased by it.

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