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Mailbag Monday

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From John F: Funny, Jason, I was able to buy on Ebay and Amazon the following items and paid via PayPal…

-2 stun guns

-1 Pellet Gun (cheap, doubt it could hurt anything/anyone unless hit in the eye)

-1 Daisy BB gun

-6 or 7, 4-inch blade folding knives

-1 Gas spout that is illegal to use in NYS

-1 long flashlight that can be used as club

Got these about 2-3 years ago but unable to get now. And I NEVER had any issues with PayPal.

Answer: You are certainly better off than I am. Paypal closed down every account I own for selling “gun related” items. I won’t be using them ever again.


From Bruce H: I’m a concealed carry person. Is it wise to carry the pistol loaded?

Answer: In a self-defense situation, you will be reacting to a threat, therefore you are already in a position of disadvantage. Drawing your firearm takes time no matter how skilled or quick you are.

Adding another step, such as racking the slide to chamber a round adds time to what could be a life or death situation.

My point is, I always recommend carrying a firearm loaded with a round in the chamber. I think it’s a very bad idea to walk around with an unloaded gun.


From Kathy G: Please be more specific with your suggestion of the Baofeng UV-5R available on Amazon, there are several choices…

Answer: There are three different generation models of the Baofeng UV-5R. However, all three are very similar and they are all quality options.

The cheapest one is going to be the first generation, which is on Amazon for about $25 and is labeled as the Baofeng UV-5R.

I would suggest going with the Baofeng UV-5R or the UV-5R Plus. These are great radios that won’t cost a lot.


From Henry C: What kind of precautions do you recommend when acquiring items like auto jigglers, etc. to stay off the radar of government/law enforcement?

Answer: You can buy many of these items at gun shows or prepper type shows. You can also order them under a different name online and have them shipped to a UPS store mailbox. (I never advise having anything shipped to your home.)


From Terry I: Would you please help with a suggestion for a plan to meet up during an emergency. How can we guarantee, as much as possible, a meet up place and route?

Answer: Everyone should have a special meeting place not too far from their home in case there is an emergency. It should be a little off the beaten path and not a place that’s likely to be overrun, but it should be easy to get to and remember.

Also, have a backup meeting place in case the first one is inaccessible or too dangerous to get to. And, have a backup to that.

So, you will want 3 different meeting places your family can go to during an emergency. And remember, you don’t want to follow the masses and be where everyone else is.


From Ron J: You’ve mentioned that your number one home defense gun is a Sig Sauer P226. If I remember correctly, a number of months ago you mentioned having a Glock. I am curious what advantages the Sig Sauer has over the Glock?

Answer: I own a lot of guns and end up swapping them around and using different ones at different times in my safe on my nightstand.

Both the Glock and Sig are quality built guns that I would bet my life on. (Other guns you might find me using for home defense include a Springfield 1911 and Smith & Wesson M&P.)

The important thing to remember is to train with all your home defense guns regularly so that no matter which you currently use from your rotation, you can use it well.

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