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Mailbag Monday

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From Carl Y: Can you please recommend your favorite realistic dummy practice gun to train with for martial arts?

Answer: On Amazon, do a search for Blue Gun Training. There are several different models to choose from. Blue guns are very detailed and accurate replicas of Glocks and many other types of guns.

In addition, these rubber training guns are made of impact-resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcement, meaning they won’t bend during training so they are similar enough to a real firearm.

From Earl M: The way you describe ramming the vehicle makes plenty of sense. My question, if it happens to be a vehicle with a rear engine would you ram the front?

Answer: Ideally, you want to ram the lightest part of the vehicle, which is typically the trunk.

However, if you are approaching a roadblock and you know the vehicle’s engine is located in the trunk, then ramming the front of the vehicle would certainly be a better option.

So, go to whatever part of the car has the least amount of weight.

From Larry R: Where is the best place to buy handguns?

Answer: You can buy handguns online at places like Cabela’s, Buds Gun Shop and Cheaper Than Dirt.

With that being said, any website you purchase a firearm from online will need to ship the firearm to a licensed dealer in your area (your local gun store.)

One thing I recommend doing is going to a local gun shop that has a shooting range and renting different types of guns.

This way you can shoot different models and figure out what fits your hand the best and what you feel most comfortable shooting.

From Jim P: Why don’t you suggest revolvers? What if a semi-auto happens to jam right at the moment of defense when needed the most?

Answer: I have nothing against revolvers and I think they are a better fit for some folks than semi-autos.

For many people with weak hands or arthritis, using a revolver is a better option since you don’t have to be able to manipulate a slide like you do on a semi-auto.

On the other hand, anyone who carries a semi-auto should regularly train to deal with any malfunctions so they can quickly clear the issue and deal with any threats.

If a semi-auto jams in the moment you need it, you should be able to clear the jam in literally one second and then use the gun as needed.

From Gilbert B: Are 16 year-olds (plus his parents) allowed to attend/participate in the Spy Ranch classes?

Answer: Yes, 16-year-olds are definitely welcome. On many occasions, parents have brought their high-school aged kids out to Spy Ranch for training.

From Mark T: So, if caught in a wildfire, should you stay in a car, with gasoline in the fuel tank? Sitting on a tank of gas in a fire does not seem like a good idea.

Answer: If you are caught in a wildfire and can’t escape, then I would definitely stay in your vehicle.

Unfortunately, Hollywood makes people think that if a fire gets near their car it will explode, which is simply untrue.

These days, car gas tanks are heavily insulted and built to withstand accidents. In other words, cars are built much safer than they were in the 1970’s when they were more likely to explode.

Another factor to consider is the overwhelming smoke you would encounter if you exit your car and try to outrun a wildfire, which would not be a good idea.

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