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Should you Buy an AR-15 Pistol?

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A 15-year-old boy and his sister were alone at their home in Harris County, Texas when they heard glass breaking downstairs.

The teenager grabbed his father’s AR-15 and went downstairs with the rifle and spotted the two burglars in the living room. The teenager opened fire with the rifle firing several shots, striking one of the intruders.

The suspect, who was shot, identified as Kinzy Evans, 17, was struck several times by gunfire. Police said his accomplice was a 16-year-old who they would not identify because he is a juvenile.

Shortly after the shooting, police were tipped off as to who the suspects were when they showed up at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. According to police, “Anytime you get a gunshot victim in the hospital, they’re going to notify law enforcement.”

The 17 year old was taken by Life Flight helicopter to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

Police said the burglars came into the house after breaking out a window in the living room area. “They left the same way they came in, through the broken window,” police said.

Neighbors said several homes in the area also have been broken into recently. The two suspects were charged with burglary of a habitation, according to police.

The reality is, AR-15’s are an ideal firearm for home defense because they are versatile, light, compact, have low recoil, accurate, and can be configured any way you wish. Lately, with the always increasing popularity of AR-15’s there has also been expanding interest in AR-15 pistols.

What exactly is an AR-15 pistol?

The pistol version of the well known semi-automatic rifle has been around since the 1970’s, so while they aren’t new, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of the platform over the past few years.

Basically, due to a combination of new pistol designs and some recent opinions from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, these firearms have become more accepted for mainstream use.

The key difference in the rifle and the pistol is the rifle usually comes with a 16-inch or 20-inch barrel, compared to a 10-inch or 7.5-inch barrel commonly found on the pistol versions.

Since the AR pistol is becoming more popular, I want to share with you some thoughts in the event that you are considering getting an AR pistol.


Compact. Obviously, a pistol is going to be smaller and shorter than a rifle. An AR pistol can easily slide into your pack during a camping trip or under the seat of your car. The AR pistol provides you the ability to have full size power, in a compact package that can be easily manipulated and operated in tight quarters.

Set up/ accessories. One of the biggest reasons that all AR style firearms are popular is because they are easy to modify and it’s simple to add all of the accessories that you want. If you are familiar with the AR-15 rifle, just image the pistol as a smaller version with the ability to make similar adjustments and modifications for your desired set up.

Adding a brace. The debate has gone on in recent years over AR-15 pistols related to the use of a “pistol brace”, which can mimic a stock. Some people have simply bought an AR pistol, and added a brace giving them a pistol that is very similar to an AR-15 rifle. According to the ATF, it is legal to add a brace, however I would always check the laws before doing so in case this changes.


Limited distance. Short-barreled AR’s are designed for close quarters and maneuvering in defensive situations. In other words, a short barrel is not ideal for any type of long distance shooting, as the accuracy will not be as dependable.

More difficult to shoot. The fact is, when firing rifle rounds in a shortened barrel you can expect rougher shooting. What I mean is, you’re firing the same cartridge with almost half the barrel in some firearms. Basically, the bolt will operate at higher speeds in the pistol, which could result in a shorter lifespan for parts like buffer springs.

The AR pistol is a fun gun to shoot and also a good choice for home defense in close quarters. If you are thinking about getting an AR pistol I would check out the Sig Sauer P516.

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