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Mailbag Monday

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From Margot W: What do you think is a good propane generator?

Answer: The propane generator that I own is the “Sportsman 7,000-Watt Propane Gas Electric Start Portable Generator.” This generator cost me around $700 at Home Depot. I’ve used it multiple times and it’s served me well.

From Theresa M: I am a gun advocate but I have never followed through on buying one because it isn’t something I have grown up with, so it seems it would be more of a hazard than a help.

Answer: It sounds like you just need to get some training to get comfortable with guns. I’m sure there’s a local gun store near you that offers classes and I would sign up for those.

A gun is a good form of insurance (especially for home defense) so I would get trained and have one just in case.

From Ron R: In the case of Wayne Newton, would pointing a gun at the intruder and threatening them if they harmed the dog be wise, or would that leave Mr. Newton with the charge of brandishing a weapon?

I’ve always heard it said that you don’t pull a gun on someone unless you intend to shoot them. So what would be the appropriate response in this case?

Answer: In most states, dogs are considered property, meaning defending your dogs is different than defending the life of a human being. So, in most states, you can protect another human with your gun, but shooting someone over the dog would be illegal.

I agree, you don’t pull your gun unless you are ready to use it. In the case of Wayne Newton, the intruder was threatening Wayne’s wife with a tire iron, so Wayne would have been justified in shooting the intruder.

From Lincoln F: What ideas for a bug-out place do you have for someone who has no family or other land to run to? Should I go deep into forest and camp or what?

Answer: I would recommend camping in a nearby national park or somewhere in the woods. However, there are two things you need to take into consideration which are, is it a busy camping season? And will the disaster that forced you to leave your home, reach the campground?

Camping is a good solution for a short-term bug out scenario. But also, there are plenty of places in the U.S. where you can buy a few acres of land for dirt cheap and you might want to consider that.

From Andy S: How long does water stay fresh and a drinkable in storage? When does it become stagnant?

Answer: The amount of time the water will stay fresh completely depends on how the water is stored. In other words, if you store the water containers in a cool, dry place, the water will stay fresh longer than if you stored it in a garage that’s not temperature controlled.

So, I definitely recommend storing water in a place such as your basement because the water should last years. (If you did store it in a place such as a garage that can get very hot, I would check the water every 30 days to see how it looks and tastes.) Personally, just to be safe, I like to put fresh water in my containers once a year.

From Paul L: Wondering if you can share ideas on how to keep my smartphone info/searches secure. I currently use Disconnect search engine but it takes me to a site that already knows who I am! Any suggestions you can post would be appreciated.

Answer: Just like you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when on your computer, I recommend doing the same thing on your cell phone.

If you are browsing the Internet on your smartphone, you should use a VPN such as TunnelBear. Also, use a search engine such as Duck Duck Go that doesn’t track you.

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