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Red Dot Sight Vs. Scope

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Two men were asleep inside a home in Glen St. Mary, Florida about 4 a.m., when they heard a voice outside yell “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open. Five masked gunmen stormed into the home and fired off a single round.

The two men inside the home, one armed with an AR-15 rifle and the other with a handgun, emerged from two bedrooms and opened fire after realizing that the masked intruders were not Sheriff’s deputies.

The two men that were asleep in the home fired multiple rounds at the masked gunmen, who crumpled to the floor with gunshot wounds.

After the shooting, the victims retreated to another part of the home before they dialed 911 and waited for police to arrive. None of the victims inside the home were hurt during the shooting.

In total, five people were charged in the case and police believe the home invasion escalated from an ongoing feud between the groups of men that was stoked by social media threats.

The victims told deputies they acted in self-defense when they turned their guns on the intruders, with one of them estimating he fired over 30 rounds from an AR-15 before he believed that home invaders were no longer a threat.

One of the masked intruders died of gunshot wounds to the head. An unidentified 16-year-old was hospitalized and a third suspect was treated and taken into custody by police.

Investigators found a heavy amount of dried blood caked on the front steps of the home, a bloodstained mask with a bullet hole through it and a .380 caliber handgun lying nearby.

This incident is a prime example of why an AR-15 is a good choice for home defense situations. One of the victims inside the home fired 30 rounds, which is something he wouldn’t have been able to do with a shotgun or pistol with a standard magazine.

Another thing is, the victims inside the home faced 5 intruders, not just a single junkie looking for money for their next fix. It’s obvious these 5 criminals were there for a reason other than just simply burglarizing the home.

On top of that, an AR-15 set up with a scope or red dot sights gives homeowners an added benefit to deal with multiple threats quickly, engaging the intruders as fast as possible.

Since more and more people are choosing rifles for home defense, I want to share with you the good and bad about red dot sights vs. scopes.

In other words, lets take a look at these and decide if they are good option for your rifle in case you are ever forced to address multiple threats like the men mentioned above.

First, let’s break down the difference between a red dot sight and a scope. Basically, a red dot sight is like an optical illusion.

What I mean is, inside a tube on top of the gun, a red dot is projected onto a screen the shooter is looking at. The dot, which can be a line or other red notation of some kind, appears to be at the same distance as the target.

The point of the red dot is to help the shooter identify the distance between themselves and the target and to improve accuracy and eye line by focusing on the dot.

As for a scope, it’s simply meant to magnify the target and increase the line of sight on it by the shooter. There is no red marking of any kind.

Which One is the Best Choice?

Red dot sights are heavily used by the military and law enforcement when engaging in dangerous situations. The reason is that in short range, rapid-fire scenarios, the shooter can aim quicker, follow a moving target with more accuracy and generally increase their odds of a hit.

When looking through a red dot sight, the shooter typically sees the reflection of that light and for military and law enforcement situations, it greatly improves accuracy and tracking.

One disadvantage to a red dot is that you’re depending on a battery that could fail. For instance, if your rifle sits in a closet for months you may be caught off guard with no dot when you need it most. (I’ve seen this happen when teaching a rifle course.)

The biggest benefit to using a scope instead of a red dot is that many of them have variable power settings and can be adjusted much easier than the red dot devices.

Another plus is that the scope is more versatile for both close and long range situations. What I mean is, the settings of the scope allow for easy adjustment to fit your specific circumstance.

Overall, a scope is clearly going to be more accurate compared to a red dot sight at long distances.

The bottom line is, a red dot and scope are two very different accessories and serve different purposes. If you are looking for the best tool for a strictly home defense rifle, then a red dot sight is the better choice as long as you regularly check to make sure the battery is working.

On the other side, if you live on a large piece of property or want a rifle that is better suited for hunting, a scope is probably the best choice for you. Lastly, no matter what accessory you add to your rifle always remember to train with and without it.

What I mean is, if you find yourself facing down 5 home intruders and your red dot battery fails you need to still be able to accurately engage any threat using back up iron sights.

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