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Mailbag Monday

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From Jeff I: I have your book on obtaining my FFL. I am interested in doing that but I am hesitant about having the address of my house available. Any suggestions?

Answer: Around 65% of all FFL locations are in a home or residential area. Federal laws do not prevent people from using a residential address but you will have to provide your home address to the government, which can be accessed in an FFL database.

In other words, you are required to provide the ATF with the address where you will be conducting business using your FFL. So if you are going to do this you will have to give them your home address. The only other option would be to rent some cheap office space and conduct business there.


From Nathan D: Jason, say the drunk punches you and you two end up where all fights usually end up, on the ground. If you use the pen as a weapon, when the cops show up, you’ll be going to jail for assault with a deadly weapon. How do you get around that?

Answer: If I am in fear for my life or serious bodily injury, then I am allowed to use my tactical pen to defend myself and I am not breaking any laws. I am not going to whip out the pen unless it’s warranted.


From Mary W: Wanted to ask – I am a 5’6″ female and am going to buy my personal protection gun for concealed carry. Some of my gun-owning friends (guys) say a Glock 19 would be good for me. I have very small hands – really – like a child  – and I find it hard to load the ammo into the magazine. I just don’t seem to have the hand strength to push the ammo down…

Answer: The Glock 19 is a great beginner firearm since it’s a pretty simple gun that is easy to shoot and clean. As for loading ammo, you definitely want to make sure you are capable of loading the ammo into any firearm you own.

When you purchase the 19 I would also purchase a Glock speed loader, which you can find on Amazon for about $10. A speed loader helps push down the bullets you’ve already loaded making it easier to load a full magazine.

In addition, if you were using this for home defense I would consider having two or three magazines always loaded and ready to use.


From Vince O: Just read your email and have to say I have used this practice of flattery many many times as a bouncer in a biker bar in the late 80s – early 90s… I was considered the best because in 7 years I was only engaged in 3 fights.

I was able to talk the rest of the problems out the door or to defuse the situation with a non-violent ending… Like you, I would rather talk – than use my hands and feet to put myself in jail because of one errant strike to a belligerent moron functioning with half his mind and an overload of liquid courage.

Answer: You are exactly right in the way you approached your job. When given the chance, I would always rather talk my way out of a dangerous situation than have to resort to fighting. The fact is, some of the best CIA officers I worked with were the ones who were the best talkers in the world.


From Lucy H:  When it comes to Tasers, no one mentions what you do about multiple assailants?

Answer: A Taser can only fire one cartridge at a time; therefore you would need to reload with another cartridge, which means removing the first cartridge, rendering it no longer effective.

In other words, hitting multiple attackers with multiple cartridges is not very realistic since the cartridge that is in use would be the only one delivering a shock. However, Tasers also have a “drive stun” capability, where the Taser is held against the target without firing the projectiles and causes pain without incapacitating the target.

Basically, once you fire your Taser cartridge you would then be able to use the Taser like a stun gun and make direct contact with your attacker. However, as you pointed out, a taser is not great against multiple attackers, which is why I carry gun.

From Luis S: I like to know if Jason has a technique to control his nerves in a stressful situation like when he was on a mission and if yes, can he share with us?

Answer: First, is a lot of training so you are prepared to act and so you have developed muscle memory. Second, is that you have to brainwash yourself to have supreme self-confidence. You have to make yourself believe that you “own the place” and that you are the best and will win no matter what.

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