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Mailbag Monday

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From Ed S: Some years ago, I received a letter from OPM in Washington stating their records were compromised for government employees including government contractors.

The letter stated identities as well as clearance information as far back as 1980 were affected. Since that event, I am quite a bit uneasy about traveling overseas because of this. As regards to foreign travel I seem to be at a loss…

Answer: I received the same letter from OPM stating that my personal information used to get my Top Secret security clearance was stolen. Regarding foreign travel, you’ve got to be careful going anywhere where you used an alias or even your true name.

For most people, this means not traveling to crappy places of the world where you wouldn’t want to go back to anyways.

From Daryl S: Have you ever done an article on antibiotics storage? The Fish Mox and Bird Zytrho? You can get them online but it says not for human consumption but then articles say they are compatible to what your doctor will give you. There in is the confusion. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: We have done an article on this. I am not a doctor, but fish antibiotics are comparable to the same medication you would get from your doctor. However, the problem is, fish antibiotics are not regulated by the FDA or any other government agency.

They don’t go through any testing so you never really truly know if what you are reading on the label is accurate. So, if you are buying legit fish antibiotics they can be a good solution. I would also ask your doctor about this and run it by him to be safe.

From Charles J: I live in what I think is one of the most open states in this country – Wyoming. The issue I have with carrying concealed every day is that almost every place in Cheyenne has a sign on the front door prohibiting the carrying of firearms.

So, even though I can carry concealed and have my permit, I would have to remove my firearm before entering most buildings including the Frontier Mall. What good is it?

Answer: I’m with you. Your choices are to not go to those businesses or to just carry anyway. In most states, there is no criminal penalty if you go into a private business who says no firearms.

All they can do is kick you out and tell you not to come back. And that’s a risk I’m willing to take. However, I do not know Wyoming law, so I would check with a lawyer on this.

From Garrett R: What do you do if you find yourself restrained in heavy duty zip ties like those the police use?

Answer: The police typically use the zip tie cuffs. Meaning, most criminals use just a zip tie and you can break out of those with your hands. However, if they use the cuffs, you will have to use paracord to cut through them.

From John J: Is there an every day armor I can wear comfortably under my clothes?

Answer: The thing about wearing body armor everyday is that it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Talk to any police officer and they will tell you that it’s hot, sweaty and burdensome when trying to move around.

With that being said, if you really want to try out some body armor I would check out a company called Safeguard Clothing. They produce a body armor they call CoolMax you may want to look into.

From Mary M: Do you have a recommendation for a compact, lightweight sleeping bag for backpacking? I live near the California desert, where it gets pretty hot during the day, but cools off significantly at night. I need something that will keep me warm, but won’t be a pain to lug around all day.

Answer: Two bags that I would check out are the Western Mountaineering UltraLite and the Marmot Hydrogen. These bags are definitely not cheap but I’m a believer in buying right the first time. If you want a more affordable option, check out a company called Outdoor Vitals.

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