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Mailbag Monday

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From Deborah P: How about the Glock 43 as a pocket gun? I don’t own one yet but it will be my next gun purchase.

Answer: The Glock 43 is a single-stack subcompact 9mm. And, it’s a good choice as a pocket gun and I know lots of people who own it. Before you buy it, I’d just go to your local shooting range and test it out. But again, I think it’s a good choice.

From Pam R: How do I close the knife you sent me?

Answer: This knife design is called a liner lock. To close the knife, turn it upside down and locate the lining of the knife. This is a metal piece that goes from the bottom of the knife up the handle and curves to keep the blade locked into place.

Next, push the liner to the left and hold it there while closing the blade at the same time. (If I’ve totally confused you, just go to YouTube and search “how to close liner lock knife.”)

From Mike L: What is the name and address of your friend who sells gold/silver?

Answer: I believe you’re referring to Forest Hamilton. You can reach him at or call 800-822-4653. He’s an honest guy and the only person I deal with when it comes to gold and silver transactions.

From Jason M: I read your email about your wife asking about what city you met in. You said Baltimore, MD and that it was not your favorite. I have lived in the Baltimore area for 20 years and I completely agree with you. It is not my favorite either.

Answer: Unfortunately, there’s a lot of crime and corruption in the city. I witnessed several drug deals go down when I lived there. The reason I was there was because my wife was in law school.

From Mo A: I have a question about the Taser models that you discussed… My question is how long will a battery last without the weapon being fired?

Answer: In order to work properly, Taser devices need their batteries replaced every couple of years depending on use. You should test the battery at least once a month and check the battery indicator to make sure the battery is charged. Even if your battery indicator shows that the battery is not fully charged, as long as it’s at least 20% charged it can deliver the necessary power.

From William A: I thought dry firing was not good.

Answer: Dry firing is a great way to improve your accuracy. And, if you’re using a centerfire caliber it won’t hurt your gun. In other words, don’t dry fire with your .22 revolver. But, you can dry fire your 9mm, .380, .45, etc. all day long. I dry fire every single morning with my guns.

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