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Mailbag Monday

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From Ed G: What type of safe would you recommend for security and quick access?

Answer: I recommend rapid-access safes since they are the perfect size for a nightstand or dresser. In fact, my home defense pistols (a Sig Sauer P226 and Springfield 1911) are stored in a rapid-access safe on my nightstand.

I recommend looking at Hornady, GunVault, Fort Knox, and Gunbox safes. In addition, to keep a criminal from walking off with the safe, secure it with a cable that runs down the back of your nightstand and is fastened to a large piece of furniture.

From Ron F: Do you have any specific products that you recommend for shotgun slings?

Answer: One sling I would recommend is the Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1. This sling system is a dedicated two-point sling that serves equally well in a one-point position when using the optional adapters.

This system provides quick adjustments to either lengthen or shorten the sling with no slipping once set. In a two-point position, it allows easy shoulder transitions and adjustability for hands-free carry.

From Steven H: I tried following your instructions to remove my home’s image from Google Maps. I can’t seem to locate the “report a problem” icon you described as being in the lower right hand corner of the page.

Has this been changed somehow? It simply does not appear as you instructed, and I didn’t see a way to complete the process you recommended. Thanks much. I enjoy your emails….

Answer: It depends on what browser you’re using. The set of instructions I provided was for people using Firefox. If you’re using Chrome, click on the picture of your house in the lower left-hand corner.

You’ll then see a bigger view of your property. In the upper left-hand corner of this picture, you’ll see three small dots, click on those dots to see the “Report a Problem option.

From Carl R: What is imprinting on a holster mean?

Answer: This term describes when the outline of a firearm is visible through your clothes. (So, if you’re wearing a tight T-shirt and people can see the outline of your gun.)

This is definitely a bad thing and it’s important to check your clothing before leaving your home to make sure your gun isn’t easy to see.

From Paul S: In the case of a disaster and need to cook food, how can the smell of cooking food be contained so that it does not attract others?

Answer: While there’s no way to completely eliminate the smell of food when cooking there are a few things to take into consideration. First, obviously avoid cooking foods with lots of spices, which can create a stronger smell.

Another thing you can do is start another fire and burn wood or trash which will create another smell that can help mask the odor from the food. Also, try not to cook when it’s really windy so the smell won’t travel as far.

There are thermal cookers which is basically a plastic box you can cook inside of, however, these aren’t something you would probably have with you during an emergency situation.

From Charles J: I see that Gerber makes many different styles of multi tools. Would you be able to narrow down your choice?

Answer: Gerber does make a lot of different tools but it comes down to personal preference and which size you want to carry. One I personally like is the Gerber Centerdrive multi-tool, which sells for $85 on Amazon.

This one is a full-size multi-tool but should meet many of the basic needs you want when carrying a tool. Another option is the Gerber Suspension multipliers, which is smaller and sells for only $26 on Amazon.

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