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Mailbag Monday

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From William G: Just a word on biometric safes. I’ve been using biometric safes for 8 years. It has a backup keypad and key backup. Maybe 3 times in 8 years it required me use a backup. But all in all it has been very reliable.

Answer: I totally get there are biometric safes that work great. But, I personally know too many people who’ve had issues and I’ve had issues myself. I don’t trust them yet. Maybe in a few years the technology will become more reliable.

From Don L: While not intending to commit a crime…. Isn’t it possible to trace where the burner phone was purchased and look at video?

Answer: First, I would always use cash when buying any burner phone. This will be one less way the phone could be traced back to you. Now, if the phone is traced back to the store and they pull the video footage, you definitely could be seen.

However, if I were trying to hide from someone attempting to harm me, I would make sure I was wearing a quality disguise. It all depends on what threats you have against you and how much you want to hide.

From Bob M: Would you please remind me of the self-defense ammo you use in your Glock 19 – 9mm? Thank you for your help.

Answer: I use Speer Gold-Dot for my self-defense ammunition.

From John B: Is carrying a handcuff key legal in all 50 states?

Answer: There are no federal or state laws restricting ownership of handcuff keys. However, some jurisdictions have restrictions on people who have been convicted of crimes carrying them. (I always travel and fly with my handcuff key wherever I go.)

From Jenny S: I just had jury duty. I had cleared any metal objects out of my purse to avoid issues being scanned at the courthouse entrance…

The multi-tool and my knitting needles had to go back to my car but as they are examining everything else in my bag, another deputy pulls out my tactical pen and said “looks like a tactical pen”, sent it through the scanner and nothing else was mentioned…

So tactical pens, and survival keychains will pass through law enforcement security checks! Just don’t have a multi-tool or knitting needles.

Answer: That is a great story, I love it. I had a similar experience where I had to go through a security check at a courthouse. The deputy looked at my tactical pen and said, “cool tactical pen.” He gave it back to me and I went into court.

From Tom A: Can you give us some advice on how to react if we hear an explosion nearby–if we’re on the street, subway, or airport? We’ve been doing a lot traveling and concerned with all the events as of late.

Answer: If a bomb goes off, immediately hit the deck. Stay as low as possible to avoid shrapnel and glass flying around. Remember combat breathing. Take slow and deep breathes.

During an explosion, dying from internal bleeding is a big concern. The pressure from the blast can be so severe that it causes the lungs to blow up like a balloon and people die from “blast lung.”

If you’re outside, remember Zero-Five and Twenty-Five. This refers to the diameter of the circle around you. Before moving, look down at your feet. Anything that can blow you up there?

Then look at the next five feet around you, any danger? Then look at a bigger distance around you such as a 25-foot area. Are there any backpacks or suspicious packages that could be secondary explosive devices? If not, then get the heck out of there to safety.

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