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Mailbag Monday

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From Gerald K: Thank you again for the Las Vegas meeting. My question was have you ever had a problem traveling with a knife that was in checked luggage?

Answer: I’ve never had a problem with a knife in checked luggage. And, I usually have several pocket knives in my checked bag. However, I did have ammo once in my checked luggage and one of the boxes was missing when I claimed my bag. (It had the nice TSA notice that they’d inspected my bag. I was in too much of a hurry to go complain that they swiped some of my ammo.)

From Tom K: Do prepaid phones have GPS?

Answer: Most new phones these days are equipped to do basic directions and mapping at a minimum. In other words, they do have GPS but you can turn this off on the phone or tell the cashier you don’t want to activate any data features when you purchase the phone.

From Nick V: Is it possible to remove satellite views of entire properties and backyards from Google Maps?

Answer: You would need to go through the process of requesting Google to blur the image. The thing is, they will normally do this for a home, but usually require a legitimate reason to blur other aspects such as the yard. Of course, you have nothing to lose by trying. To get the process started, go to Google Maps and once you see the image you want to blur click on “report a problem.”

From Paul L: With my kids away at college, far from home without a vehicle. When chaos breaks out, how do I get them home safely?

Answer: After a disaster or chaotic event, public transportation will likely be dangerous or ineffective as a way to travel. In other words, your kids will likely be on their own until you can safely come pick them up. For this reason, I recommend college kids having at least a bike so that they can get away even if it’s just a few miles from the incident.

Your kids should develop an escape plan including a safe place to go to that is near their college until someone can pick them up. If they have no means of transportation at all, then you need to make sure they have at least a bug out bag (72-hour kit) so they can survive until you are able to reach them.

From Ron R: My question for you if you can and will tell me: What is the best way to store (bury) a weapon and ammo for a length of time in case it is needed in the future?

Answer: Here’s what you want to do: Get a mylar bag and put your guns and ammo in it. Throw in a couple of those oxygen absorber packets into the bag too. Then seal the bag. (Using a hot iron is a good way to seal the mylar bag.)

Then, put it inside a PVC tube. Just go to Home Depot and buy a large PVC pipe with caps for each end. Throw your mylar bag in the tube, bury it and don’t forget where you put it.

From Diane V: Now that I know the 870 comes in something other than 12 gauge, I just might consider getting one. Even 20 gauge is a bit too much for me (I have one) so what gauge would you recommend for someone who is recoil shy? I’m thinking .410. What do you think?

Answer: I would look into .410 or 28 gauge shotguns. These are definitely going to have the least amount of recoil. The best thing to do is visit your local gun range and ask them if they rent shotguns. This way you can shoot .410 and 28 gauge and see what feels the most comfortable to you.

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