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New Gun Laws That Will Affect You in 2019

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In 2016, a Pensacola, FL teenager allegedly shot and killed a man near the Chow Tyme buffet, however, the teenager wasn’t arrested until over two years later.

In 2018, authorities arrested Marquist Alvin Vincent Page, 18, in connection to the murder of Wes Burkhalter, 47.

Page was charged with second-degree murder after a lengthy investigation by local authorities.

According to police, Page stole a gun from a vehicle, committed the homicide and three days later was involved in a home invasion.

Page later messaged friends on Facebook saying he had “two clips” for the firearm but there was one bullet missing because he had fired it after he stole the gun.

Police matched a shoeprint left in the door of the home invasion to shoes later found belonging to Page.

In addition, spent shell casings found at the home invasion scene were also fired from the same gun used to kill Burkhalter.

The fact is, this criminal used a stolen firearm to commit his crimes and obviously, no law or background check would have stopped him from carrying out these crimes.

The fact is, in, 8 out of 10 crimes involving a firearm, the perpetrator was not in lawful possession of the firearm.

Of course, every intelligence human being knows that new gun regulations only hurt the good guys and don’t stop the criminals.

At the beginning of the New Year, Congress proposed new universal background checks on all firearm sales.

In addition, many new state laws took effect that will directly impact lawful gun owners. Here are some of the top firearm laws that the American people will be facing in 2019.

Universal Background Check. The democrat controlled House of Representatives has introduced two bills that will require universal background checks for all gun sales including those done at gun shows and online.

Basically, anyone who wanted to sell a gun, but lacked a federal firearms license would have to take the weapon to a licensed dealer, who would then conduct a background check on the purchaser.

The problem is, as I mentioned before, most criminals don’t purchase firearms legally.

California. It’s no surprise that California had the highest number of new guns laws take effect in 2019.

One law mandates a lifetime ban on the ownership of firearms for individuals if they were involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility more than once within a one-year period because they were deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Another law puts a lifetime ban on gun ownership or possession for individuals convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense or for battery on a spouse, cohabitant or person the defendant currently or previously dated or engaged in a relationship.

Current state law requires a 10-year ban on possessing a firearm or ammunition for those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. (Now, I will say, if you beat a woman, then you deserve what you get and your butt should be in jail and worse.)

Oregon. A new law in Oregon, commonly referred to as the intimate partner loophole, bans the ownership or purchase of guns by domestic abuse offenders or people under restraining orders.

At least 29 other states have similar laws that put restrictions on the ownership or purchase of guns for convicted domestic abusers.

Washington. In Washington, voters passed a law raising the legal age to buy semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21.

It also requires the purchaser to provide proof they completed firearms safety training.

Currently, at least a dozen other states already restrict ownership or possession of long guns to individuals under age 21.

Illinois. Illinois passed a new law that allows authorities to seize guns from someone determined to be a danger to themselves or others.

At least seven other states passed similar red flag laws this year. Also, another law passed by Illinois this year extends the 72-hour cooling-off period for the purchase of all firearms.

In other words, you can’t just walk into a gun shop and purchase a gun. You are required to wait 72 hours.

Florida. Florida lawmakers responded to mounting pressure to act on gun control after the Parkland massacre by passing a three-day waiting period on most firearms purchases and outlawing bump stocks.

New Jersey. New Jersey’s new law banning gun magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition went into effect.

At least seven other states have passed similar laws along with several cities and the District of Columbia. (These gun magazine laws are absolutely ridiculous.)

Ohio. A new law in Ohio expands the ability of individuals impacted by local firearm regulation to sue for damages.

Among other things, it would shift the burden of proof on self-defense cases involving firearms to prosecutors from defendants.

Sadly, we live in a nation where our politicians shirk the oath they took to defend the Constitution of the United States. Even worse, we have millions of knuckleheads in this country voting for these politicians to trample the Constitution.




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