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Mailbag Monday

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From Darrell W: Do you know if using a shoulder holster without a cover garment would be considered open carry?

Answer: The definition of open carry varies from state to state. Some states specify that open carry occurs when the weapon is “partially visible,” while other jurisdictions require the weapon to be “fully visible” to be considered carried openly.

In addition, some states require that an openly carried firearm remain unloaded. Personally, I would say it is definitely open carry. But obviously, check your state laws.

From James P: Can you accommodate and teach someone at your courses that is in a wheelchair, who has some limited mobility of the lower extremities?

Answer: Yes, I can and we do it often. In a recent spy course, we had a woman in a wheelchair. And, at our Ultimate Spy Week, we’ve had 83-year-old Stanley H., who’s come out twice. So, we can definitely accommodate you and get you well trained.

From Rick M: I am interested in obtaining a waxed canvas escape bag and I am told you might point me in the right direction.

Answer: Unfortunately, we no longer sell that bag. The local fellow who was making them for me stopped making them and ended up going and getting a ‘real job.’

From Sam W: What about cops knocking on doors with no warrant or due cause – not just once, but periodically. What can you do?

Answer: If you didn’t commit a crime or didn’t call the police to respond to your home, then they shouldn’t have any reason to knock on your door and you don’t have to open the door to them. (You can just talk to them through the door like you would a delivery person or anyone else.)

If you feel like they are harassing you, then I would record all of your interactions on your phone. Remember, we live in the USA where we have rights, not in Russia, China or Cuba.

From Rusty H: I’m curious on your thoughts regarding gun safes that use a battery-powered keypad to unlock them. Seeing all the discussions on what happens after an EMP blast has me concerned that I won’t be able to easily access the contents of my vault in that type of an event…

Answer: Here’s what I do. I do have a gun safe that is battery-powered. But, I also have backup safes that are not battery powered. So, if something does happen, I’ll still be able to get to plenty of my guns. Personally, I wouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, I would use different types of safes.

From Neal J: How do I buy a blue ADT sign without installing an entire monitoring system?

Answer: You can purchase alarm company signage on websites such as eBay and Amazon. I know eBay sells one for ADT and Amazon has ones for companies such as Brinks Security.

These are good to have in your yard even if you don’t have an actual security system. Although, I would definitely encourage you to get a real alarm system.

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