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Mailbag Monday

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From Ron P: Just to let you know you have put out a lot of good info… I am retired military, with service in both of The U.S. Marine (Vietnam, 1969-1970, and put in 18,years in the U.S, Army airborne), total of 21 years for both and retired out. Keep up the good work and info.

Answer: You’re awesome. Thank you for your service to our great nation. I’m glad you’re enjoying the info we put out, as we do spend a lot of time on it.

From Donna L: How do you clean gun magazines?

Answer: Magazines tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and other debris. They get dropped in the dirt and the exhaust from the combustion chamber gets funneled right into them during shooting.

Depending on your specific magazine, you take the magazine apart by removing the baseplate, remove the spring and then completely clean and wipe down the inside of the magazine like you would a gun. Also, check the spring to make sure it doesn’t look like it has any damage.

From Arlen M: In about two months I would like to set up personal training for my son and myself. He is 28. I travel to Asia and Africa on business for high value projects…

Answer: I frequently do private and corporate training for those who travel overseas and we tailor the training to fit your specific needs and requirements.

To schedule private training, you can shoot me an email to

From Tom B: Hey Jason, please let me know where I can get a jig for a good price so I can build my own AR-15, as I already have the video on how to build one.

I also need the jig for building my own handgun — also for a good price if you can. By the way, I will need the lower receiver too in an AR-15.

Answer: The place I recommend is a gun shop here in Southern Utah called Dixie Gun Worx. The guys there do great work and can help you legally find all the parts you need to build your own firearm.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S., I would give them a call and they’ll get you whatever you need. You can find their contact information here:

From Maggie L: I am a 71-year-old female, who walks with a three-pronged cane due to the chronic, debilitating pain of Osteoarthritis.

I move very slowly and am afraid of being a prime target. How can I defend myself against would-be attackers?

Answer: The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to always act confident, exercise good situational awareness and to carry a gun if you’re able to. The other option is the tactical pen.

We’ve had folks in their 80’s in wheel chairs rely on this. If you start fighting back with your tactical pen, a criminal will go and try to find an easier victim.

From Carol P: What is imprinting on a holster mean?

Answer: This term describes when the outline of a firearm is visible, even though the person is wearing clothing over the gun and it’s completely covered. This is definitely a bad thing and it’s important to check your clothing before leaving your home to make sure your gun isn’t easy to see through your clothes.

For example, if you had a gun on your hip, but the shirt you were wearing was so tight covering the gun, people would be able to see the outline of the gun and it would “print through” the shirt.

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