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From Andrew L: I just finished Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. Great book!
Reading it helped me decide to get my CPL. I was wondering what your favorite handguns are. So far, I tried the 1911 and the Luger. I’m making a list of other guns to try.

Answer: I’m glad you enjoyed the book and that you’re getting your concealed carry permit. A few of my favorite handguns are the 1911, Walther Creed, Sig Sauer P238 (for pocket carry), Sig P250, and Smith and Wesson M&P.

From Ken C: I live in a state where you can legally own a baton. But simply expanding the baton towards anyone is considered “Assault with a Deadly Weapon”. It’s treated the same as hauling out a lead pipe to smash someone!

Answer: That makes sense because it is a weapon that could easily kill someone. It’s just like a gun. You’re only going to draw your gun when you’re in fear for your life and that’s the only reason you’d whip out a baton.

From Peter A: Hi Jason, I have a question about if someone breaks into my home. If someone ever did break in do you recommend to fight, run, or hide?

Answer: I recommend going to a “chokepoint” (one that puts you between the criminal and your family members) and if the criminal tries to get past there, you do what you have to in order to protect yourself.

In other words, go to the top of the stairs so a criminal can’t get to the rest of your family. If someone is foolish enough to try and run up those stairs stop the threat.

From Marshall T: Do you recommended carrying concealed at your lower back vs appendix carry?

Answer: No, I would never recommended that anyone carry concealed in the small of their back. In addition to injury (if you fell on your back), it takes too long to draw the gun. You need to be able to have a smooth draw, lightning fast.

From Jill Z: what do you think of IDShield?

Answer: I haven’t personally used IDShield, but after doing some research, they are one of the options I would consider. For starters, a family plan that provides coverage for two adults and up to eight minors costs only $20 a month.

The service monitors a broad range of personal information, including public records, credit monitoring and credit reports.

They offer 24-hour support and have a smartphone app to keep you alerted to any concerns.

Now, the one thing I tell everyone about identity theft protection services is they are just like having a home security alarm. They won’t stop your identity from being stolen but they will alert you to it.

From Christina E: I live in NYC and I want to put a surveillance camera outside of my apartment door. Could you recommend brands and/or models?

Answer: If you want to go high-quality, go with Hikvision. If you want something more affordable, go with Dropcam.

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