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Shot Show 2019

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What to look out for at SHOT Show 2019

At the end of January each year, the biggest gun manufacturers in the world gather at an annual trade show in Las Vegas known as SHOT Show.

This stands for Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade and it is the biggest event of its kind in world.

Attendance to SHOT is restricted to members of the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade industry, including commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products, meaning it’s not open to the general public.

The show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and in the past, the show has rotated through several U.S. cities, however since 2010, it’s been held in Las Vegas each year at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

It attracts over 60,000 attendees to its 630,000 square feet of exhibition space ranking it among the top 25 trade shows in the US.

Each year, there are thousands of products for buyers to see on the show floor, encompassing firearms, ammunition, accessories, optics, knives, gun safes, apparel and law enforcement equipment, among other categories.

In addition, more than 1,600 exhibiting companies set up on the main show floors to showcase their latest products.

The show is a major opportunity for companies to showcase their products and introduce them to the retail world.

Typical exhibitors include Glock, Smith & Wesson, Daniel Defense, Sig Sauer, and pretty much any company that manufacturers products related to firearms, knives, tactical gear, or hunting.

I’ve been to SHOT Show a number of times and it’s truly an amazing experience to see all of these different vendors and the latest and greatest products.

The reality is, there are so many things to see that it’s nearly impossible to see it all in just a few days.

Considering this, I want to share with you the top products I’m looking forward to hearing more about this year.

Remington 700 CP Pistol. Rifle caliber pistols have been gaining popularity with many people looking for a “hunting pistol.”

The 700CP from Remington is a bolt-action pistol, which is a pistol variant of their 700 PCR precision chassis rifle. The 700CP will be offered in three calibers: .308 Win, .223 Rem, and .300 BLK.

The .308 Win will have a 12.5″ barrel and the two smaller calibers will have a 10.5″ barrel. The Remington 700CP has an MSRP of $1,000.

Anderson Manufacturing Easy Build AR-15 Components. More and more folks are building AR-15’s at home, but there is no question, it can be challenging if you are new to firearms.

Anderson Manufacturing has simplified the build process with three new parts.

First, the Hold Tight gas block system uses a barrel nut and alignment notch to ensure the gas block is always properly positioned.

Next, the Quad Lok base coupler provides four connection points that line up with the receiver without any guesswork required.

Finally, the Advanced Muzzle Device system uses a spring loaded pin that can be depressed to allow muzzle devices to twist on and off of the barrel without using tools.

Black Aces Tactical Semi-Auto 12-gauge Shotgun. Black Aces Tactical is bringing semi-auto configurations to its pistol grip 12-gauge shotguns, which are available in 18.5-inch-barreled, 6+1 and 12.5-inch-barreled, 4+1 versions.

These semiautomatic pistol grip shotguns use a Remington 1100 base and are custom-engineered in a number of ways. For instance, the recoil assembly is relocated.

In addition, the gas ports are tuned to operate both low and high brass, while the trigger is modified to accept fast feeding. The semiautomatic Shockwave and Peacekeeper models both sell for around $950.

If you ever get the chance to attend SHOT Show, I would definitely recommend going, as it is an experience unlike any other for firearms enthusiasts. It’s like heaven on earth.

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