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Mailbag Monday

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From Karl B: I recently bought my first gun. A Mossberg 590 12 gauge shotgun. What is your recommendation for the best type of ammunition for home defense for this weapon? Also, how should I store a shotgun so it is quickly accessible for intruders at night?

Answer: I use 00 buck (double-ought buckshot) for home defense. Federal and Winchester make solid shells. To store the shotgun, I would use a rapid access gun safe such as the ones made by V-Line, Shotlock, and GunVault.

From Bill T: What is the fighting skill used by Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) in the Equalizer movies?

Answer: It looks like Denzel uses a mixture of Filipino martial arts. It doesn’t look like he uses one consistent style through the entire movie. Filipino culture is definitely a hands-on and knife fighting culture. In other words, in the U.S., we are a gun culture and we love our guns and they love their knives.

From Harold L: Please let me know your opinion of the Sig P320 subcompact 40. My wife is a new shooter. She doesn’t do well with my Glock 19 saying it’s too big in her hand. She liked the feel of the M&P Shield in 9mm but is not very accurate with it. I just acquired the Sig P320 and even going from a 9mm to a 40 cal her pattern at 21 feet is reduced by half.

Answer: The Sig is a great gun, I like it. I’m very surprised to hear she shoots better with a .40 caliber, as almost everyone shoots better with 9mm. However, if that’s what works for her and she’s comfortable, definitely use it.

From Ben Z: So what can we do to protect our computers/phones made in China?

Answer: If a tiny computer chip for spying is placed inside the device at the time of manufacturing there isn’t any way the average person would know. However, there are certain steps you should take with any device you connect to the internet such as using a VPN (virtual private network), anti-virus software, and strong passwords.

From Richard H: For home defense, would you use a shotgun or a rifle, which is better do you think?

Answer: I personally would use a rifle. A rifle can hold 30 rounds, whereas a shotgun might hold 7 shells with an extended magazine tube. Plus, a rifle has better sights than an off-the-shelf shotgun. However, both a rifle and shotgun are solid for home defense and can get the job done.

From Mark M: I do not have a gun of any type. I am interested but it may be awhile before I get one. Would it be recommended to get a pistol bb gun from Amazon to practice close range with? Just for the feel, draw, stance, and accuracy training of it? Obviously not serious hunting or self-defense.

Answer: You can certainly practice the fundamentals such as stance, grip, and draw with a pistol BB gun. Another option is buying an inexpensive .22 (such as the Ruger Mark III) and practicing with that gun until you’re ready to buy a defensive handgun.




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