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Monday Mailbag

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From Tim H: I know it’s been a long time since I purchased the concealed belt. Are they still available for purchase? I want to get one for my friend as a present and can’t find the link.

Answer: The Escape and Evasion Gun Belt is still available in black with a 1.5 width. This is truly an amazing belt with a lifetime guarantee that it will hold up to the toughest of tasks. Please shoot me an email and I will take care of your order.

From Tommy O: Jason, good article on pistol optics. It comes down to what an individual is comfortable with by training at night in your home. What are your thoughts on utilizing a laser-aiming device?

Answer: I think they’re great, as long as you also continue to train with your iron sights. I’ve taught enough gun courses over the years to see batteries go dead and the attendees have no replacement batteries so they were forced to use their regular sights.

From Phil R: Many air rifles are pump action where as many air pistols are CO2 based.  I find that all of the air pistols that I have owned and my family has owned will eventually leak the CO2. Thus I do not rely on it for anything other than target practice. I would never rely on them for self-defense. A quality air rifle however can put a deer down if you are a great shot…

Answer: I agree with you. Air guns are great for training purposes and I hope I never have to rely on one for self-defense. That would mean that something happened to all of the real pistols and rifles that I own.

From Samuel R: I am very sure me and my family will be safe and secure after watching your 2-second survival video. Thanks again for this invaluable information…

Answer: I’m glad you were able to take these incredibly useful techniques and teach them to your family. The reality is, you don’t have to be a karate expert to be able to defend yourself in this crazy world.

From Jill F: How can you find out if a hotel has a “wellness check” before you waste your time and money booking there. I do not want to support this kind of thing in any way and do not want to find myself in the situation of having to go find another hotel if only finding out when I get there that they do this invasive practice.

Answer: I recommend calling the specific hotel you are considering staying at before actually booking your stay there. I wouldn’t call their corporate office or the 1-800 booking number. You need to call the exact hotel you will be staying at and ask them if they conduct any type of wellness check or if they enter hotel rooms for any reason other than maid service.

From Carr B: Have you ever had maid service? I’m convinced that the only way you can be sure no one enters your room without permission is to never leave it.

Answer: Yes, and it all depends on where I am and what I am doing. If I’m overseas, I never have maid service. If I’m here in the states and in a hotel for several days, then I will. However, I never leave anything in the hotel room that could be comprised. So, no cell phone, no computer, no tablet. Also, even if I put up the Do Not Disturb sign I always assume someone will enter my room while I’m gone, which is why I never leave anything valuable.

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