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A few years ago, a man named Paul F. decided he wanted to purchase his mom a self-defense weapon. At first, he hesitated on exactly what he wanted to buy her, but he ended up getting her pepper spray to carry on her keychain.

One night, his mom finished the night shift at her job and when she was walking to her vehicle she noticed a man watching her from a distance.

Now, the woman thought it was strange how this man was focused on her but he was far enough away that she didn’t feel like there was any immediate danger.

The woman drove home like she did every night after work and got out of her car to walk to the front door of her home. As she approached the door, the same man appeared from out of the bushes and attempted to grab the woman.

Without hesitation, the woman grabbed her keychain pepper spray and sprayed the man in the face causing him to run off.

Clearly, this woman did an awesome job by acting quickly and stopping her attacker. And, Paul saved his mother from a horrible experience simply by giving her a $10 gift.

With this in mind, I want to share with you 6 different gifts you may want to consider this Christmas season for your loved ones.

Tactical Pen.
My favorite self-defense tool is a tactical pen because it can be carried and used by anyone of any skill level.

It’s a writing pen, meaning everyone can carry one whether it’s to school or work since we write things down all day long.

It doesn’t take any special training and can be very effective to fight off an attacker. Now, when looking at tactical pens to buy, please don’t go cheap.

For example, you can buy tactical pens for $10 on Amazon, but these will easily fall apart. The one I personally carry sells for around $40.

Emergency radio.
During any type of survival or disaster situation, you want to be able to stay alert to the latest weather and news.

For this reason, I recommend the Baofeng UV-5R Plus radio. This is a battery operated, compact radio that includes VHF bands from 65 – 108 MHz as well as the regular FM broadcast band.

It can also be programmed to be used as a HAM radio if you are licensed and familiar with HAM radio operations.

This radio is about eight inches tall including the antenna and weighs about one pound, so it’s ideal for a survival radio. This model sells for around $40 on Amazon.

Solar charge power bank.
There are tons of options when it comes to solar charging power banks. The thing is, many of these are made overseas so you will see them range in price from $10 to $100’s depending on the size and options.

No matter which one you choose, I recommend going with one that comes with a warranty and includes military grade cases to protect the power bank.

Obviously, if you are using this in a survival situation, it may take a beating so you don’t want it to fall apart.

In addition, I would look for one that is waterproof and also works as a flashlight. For example, check out the OUTXE Rugged Solar Charger, which sells for about $55 on Amazon.

Tri-fold shovel.
This time of year, a tri-fold shovel is an excellent idea for your loved ones to keep in their car in case they ever get stuck in the snow.

One solid shovel is the US GI Military E-Tool Entrenching Shovel. This has a steel blade with an aluminum handle that is genuine military issue.

Plus, it has a serrated edge and can be used as a saw, axe, or shovel. When completely folded, the shovel is only about 9 inches so it can easily be stored for an emergency situation. This particular shovel sells for about $25 on Amazon.

Encrypted thumb drive.
These days, our personal information from our computers is always being compromised. Even if you store documents on a cloud service there is always the risk that the service could be hacked.

I’m a firm believer in backing up important information on thumb drives, however, you need to make sure you are using an encrypted drive in case it falls into the wrong hands.

The thumb drive I use is the IronKey, which includes military grade encryption and will completely erase everything on the thumb drive if ten incorrect passwords are entered. The 4 GB IronKey sells for about $100 on Amazon.

High-Quality Knife.
There are few pieces of gear as important as a knife, since it can be used in so many different ways from survival to self-defense.

You should have both folding and fixed-blade knives in your bug out bags and in your vehicles. Spyderco, Benchmade and Zero Tolerance are all great knife companies.

To see the fixed-blade knife that I carry, check out the NOC Knife.

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