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Mailbag Monday

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From Mark J: Which type of long gun should I bring to Ultimate Spy Week?

Answer: The majority of people who attend Spy Week bring an AR-15, however, you can bring whatever rifle you own. So, if you have an AK, you can certainly bring that. If you don’t own a long gun, we can loan you a gun to use for Spy Week.

From Don M: Hi! I bought your book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life and found it extremely interesting and informative.

Answer: I’m glad you enjoyed the book and learned some new things. The reality is, anyone can take the information from my book to help keep their family safe. You can get the book on Amazon here.

From Bob G: I’m looking for help regarding the taser flashlight I purchased.

Answer: Feel free to send an e-mail to our support team who can answer any questions regarding the taser flashlight.

This is one of my favorite self-defense tools and can serve multiple purposes since it is a real flashlight that is also easily used as a stun gun.

These are definitely a great Christmas gift for your loved ones. So, just let us know what questions you have and how we can help you.

From Mel M: I was just wondering if I still had access to my old training. I paid for the lessons some years back. Though I still have an account. I’m interested in this type of training again.

Answer: Yes, you still have access to that training. If you need help logging into your account just shoot us an email.

From Ray J: In your article, you mentioned that your number one home defense gun is a Sig Sauer P226. If I remember correctly, a number of months ago you mentioned having a Glock. I am curious what advantages the Sig Sauer has over the Glock?

Answer: I own a lot of guns, including Glock’s. But, I don’t use them for home defense and its just personal preference. I don’t like the Glock trigger and the Glock ergonomics (it’s not a natural pointing gun.)

However, Glock’s are very reliable and a great gun for a lot of people.

From Ben W: I am wondering which caliber of defensive ammo you found suits you best, and why?

Answer: I carry 9mm Speer Gold Dot in my home defense gun and my concealed carry gun. With advances in bullet technology, 9mm hollow points will get the job done. Not too long ago, the FBI released a memo stating why departments should consider going back to 9mm based on improvements in bullet technology.


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