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Monday Mailbag

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From Patrick L: The use of open flame heating that is unvented to the outdoors can be deadly. Burning produces carbon monoxide and unless you leave a window open in the room you’re heating you can wind up dead. Unfortunately, some people find this out the hard way every year.

Answer: You are absolutely right. This is why any heater you use indoors needs to have its own carbon monoxide shut off. This will turn off the heater if the levels reach a dangerous point. Also, make sure your home has its own carbon monoxide detectors and that the batteries are new.

From Dana S: One reason victims of a burglary need to be extra vigilant is that it is very common for thieves to wait several weeks and then make a return to the site. By then, many victims will have settled with an insurance company and have a home or office restocked with all new “goodies” for the scumbags to grab.

Answer: Unfortunately, you are correct that criminals will often return to the scene of their crime. This is especially true for burglars, because once they know the layout of a home they can plan ahead and know exactly where to go.

Plus, as you mentioned, they know things about you such as if you high quality TV’s or if you like expensive jewelry. This is why you must have an alarm system, cameras, motions sensor lights and hopefully a dog.

From Judith S: What I am looking for is information on specific ways that people with limited mobility can protect themselves from violence?

Answer: These days, criminals are always looking for vulnerable people to take advantage of. Sadly, those who are in wheelchairs or use some type of assistance must be extra vigilant when out in public. Of course, having good situational awareness is critical, but you must also have some type of self-defense tool to defend yourself.

I’ve trained people to use a cane, some people use a stun-gun flashlight, some a tactical pen, a knife, and a gun. I also encourage you to come out to Spy Ranch or take a local self-defense course in your area to get hands-on training.

From Robert A: Can this course be used to apply for the concealed carry permit in NC?

Answer: The state of North Carolina requires that you attend an approved firearms safety and training course that includes live fire training. For this reason, you will need to attend a training course in North Carolina that is approved by the state because the Virginia concealed carry permit does not require any live fire.

From Bill B: Regarding the question asked by the person concerned about blowback of pepper spray… a gel pepper spray product, like Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray doesn’t atomize the pepper spray.

The atomizing of the pepper spray is what creates the blowback problem from a sudden wind gust or wind direction change that can cause the pepper spray to negatively impact the user or innocent bystanders.

Answer: Gel pepper spray is a newer product that a lot of people are starting to use. The single biggest drawback to gel pepper spray is that it requires you to be more accurate than a typical pepper spray.

Gel sprays will travel a farther distance but they don’t spread out like standard pepper spray does. In other words, there is less chance of blowback from a gel, but again, you have to make sure you are accurate when spraying.

From Evan D: What workouts would you recommend to anyone wanting to join the CIA so they can be prepared for the physical part of training?

Answer: I was in the best shape of my life when I was with the CIA. I highly recommend the following: Pull ups, push-ups, squats, bicep and tricep exercises and do lots of running. Put simply, do a lot of bodyweight exercises and make sure you’re in “survival shape.” You don’t have to look the Hulk, but you need to be able to save yourself and others, if need be.


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