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Mailbag Monday

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From William H: Is there a way to protect a pacemaker from EMP?

Answer: A lot of folks want to know exactly what sort of electronic devices would be impacted by an EMP attack.

The reality is, there are so many different factors that will dictate whether or not a specific electronic device will be affected, including how far away the electronic device is from the center of the attack, as well as any barriers between them.

Now, pacemaker technology has come a long way over the past decade and according to different studies a disruption of pacemakers by an EMP is considered unlikely.

From Ralph R: The pen that you offer has no markings on it. Could you tell me who makes the pen? I have seen quite a few on the market and would like to be able to recommend the one that you sell.

Answer: We have that pen manufactured ourselves. It’s a high-quality pen that I’ve traveled with all over the world. You can get more at

From Guy B: Checking with you to ascertain if a 17 y/o (plus his parents, all known friends of mine) will be Ok to attend/participate in the Spy Escape & Evasion event?

Answer: We welcome all those interested in learning how to stay safe in a dangerous world. Those under the age of 18 are welcome to attend as long as an adult accompanies them. We’ve had kids as young as 9 attend with their parents and they had a blast.

From Katy C: Besides the tactical pen that I carry with me, is there anything you would recommend for a woman to carry on her for safety/self defense? I often have to walk in dark parking garages and lots very late at night alone.

Answer: I’m glad you carry a tactical pen, since this is one of my favorite self-defense tools. Now, you mentioned that you frequently walk in parking garages and one of the best self-defense tools to carry in that situation is a flashlight stun gun.

The flashlight stun gun that I carry can be used as a normal flashlight and then in an instant it can be used as a stun gun. Basically, you could walk through a parking garage using the flashlight (which wouldn’t draw attention) and if you were threatened you could easily push the stun gun function to thwart an attacker.

From Michael M: Please remove me from your email list and whatever other lists you might have. I am one of those people who happen to think the world can become a better place, while Doug Casey has written a book of not-so-thinly disguised racism and bigotry, not to mention ignorance.

I enjoyed your knife, but like I said, remove my name and/or address from all of your records. I am no longer interested in your products due to your obvious stance on domestic and world affairs. You and Mr. Casey reflect the worst of what is wrong with our country.

Answer: Well, not much to say to this. I’m glad you like your knife, but we clearly have different views on the importance of being prepared and taking care of your family. You will certainly be removed from our email list, as you wish.


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