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Mailbag Monday

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From Linda F: Where can these handguns you recommend be bought?

Answer: You can buy handguns online at places like Cabela’s, Buds Gun Shop and Cheaper Than Dirt. With that being said, any website you purchase a firearm from online will need to ship the firearm to a licensed dealer in your area (your local gun store.)

One thing I recommend doing is going to a local gun shop that has a shooting range and renting different types of guns. This way you can shoot different models and figure out what fits your hand the best and what you feel most comfortable shooting. I definitely do not recommend purchasing a gun you’ve never shot before, because it could be completely wrong for you.

From Matt L: What caliber do you recommend and why?

Answer: Back in the day, most law enforcement agencies carried either .40 or .45 caliber handguns because they wanted the stopping power of a bigger bullet.

However, over the years, we’ve seen so many advances in bullet technology that I personally believe 9mm is almost as effective as larger bullets. (And so do the FBI and many other agencies who are going back to the 9mm.)

The other thing is, traditionally .40 and .45 caliber handguns have a stronger kick compared to a 9mm, making them more difficult for some people to accurately shoot.

From John P: Why no revolvers suggested in the lineup? What if it happens to jam right at the moment of defense when needed the most?

Answer: I have nothing against revolvers and I think they are a better fit for some folks than semi-autos. For many people with weak hands or arthritis, using a revolver is a better option since you don’t have to be able to manipulate a slide like you do on a semi-auto.

However, I definitely prefer a semi-auto because they hold more rounds. Plus, if you train with your gun, you can clear a jam in a second, in the event one occurs.

From Phil L: This post raises a question concerning a firearm I just acquired. Traded a Taurus Millenium PT145 for a SCCY CPX-1, do you have any knowledge or experience with this gun?

Answer: I’ve never shot this particular firearm, however I’ve heard that for the price, it’s a decent little gun that is made in the USA. I know the company is based out of Florida and they’ve been around since the early 2000’s. They focus on manufacturing less expensive pistols with this particular model selling for around $250.

Now, as I mentioned, I’ve never shot this gun, but I’ve heard from others that the trigger pull on this firearm is very long, which can easily cause shooters that don’t train often to pull the muzzle down when shooting the gun. So, you may want to consider a new trigger unless you practice a lot and are comfortable with the trigger from the factory.

From Bill W: Is there a curtain or film that you can place over the windows that will not show light outside but will allow you to see out without being a mirror surface?

Answer: There are many different one-way privacy window tint products on the market that will allow you to see outside, without letting other people see inside your house.

The problem is, many of these products will do the opposite at night if the lights inside your home are turned on. What I mean is, the way the tint works is based on where the light is, so when the lights are on inside people may be able to see more.

Some privacy window tints are great at keeping the sunlight out and can also prevent your windows from shattering if a burglar tries to smash them. Basically, you just need to do your research depending on the tint you buy and make sure it’s not easy to see inside your home.

From Ginger R: I can only begin to tell you the extent to which you and your staff have relieved many anxieties and concerns, be they real or imagined, that my family and l have already had alleviated with the advice, knowledge, experience, and recommendations that we have (and will continue to) receive from the vast resources you provide.

I whole-heartedly thank you for your work to bring awareness, education, and do much more to those whose lives you touch, sometimes in astounding ways.

Answer: Thank you for your incredibly kind words. I’m glad you and your loved ones have taken your personally safety seriously. I will continue to do my best to provide you the best information out there to keep you safe.

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