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Mailbag Monday

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From Lonnie R: What exactly is your source for the amount of window deflection you cite? As much as 6”? Deflection is minimal at best. I’d like to know your source although everything I know from real experience as well as research contradicts your assertion.

Answer: During many of the trainings held at the Spy Ranch, shooting into and out from a windshield is something that we commonly do. So, our source is real world testing. Perhaps you were using different types and calibers of guns than we were.

From Bob H: Michael D.’s point is valid in his context, but the point he is missing about the Rule of 3s is that it applies to someone who can sit and wait for the rescuers, a typical civilian scenario…

Answer: You are correct. Michael was pointing out that you might not be able to just sit there and wait for rescuers and you might be in a struggle for your life in the moment.

From Phil L: Jason, My question is what your thoughts are in reference to using Hornaday Critical Defense 115 grain, 9mm for self-defense?

Answer: Hornaday Critical Defense is great ammo for self-defense. Hornady has completed years of testing to design the Critical Defense ammunition with a flex tip, inside a hollow cavity that helps in feeding as well as performance on target. In other words, they have addressed many of the issues that come with hollow points, making the ammo more reliable. While this ammo isn’t cheap, it’s definitely worth carrying for self-defense.

From Jeff W: The builder of my new home is recommending Door locks: Emtek 8469 Satin Nickel Deadbolt. Are these harder to pick?

Answer: I have to admit, I’m not very familiar with Emtek locks. I use Schlage and Medeco and those are the locks I recommend. (Compare the prices, you get what you pay for in locks.)

From Doug B: There is a major reason that many people cannot buy their prescription medicine in advance: Insurance companies monitor the orders and will not let you get a refill or a new prescription within a certain time after the last refill. I have repeatedly run into this when trying to get a 90-day supply refilled less than 60 days after the last 90-day prescription was filled.

Answer: You are right that many insurance companies will have restrictions on the time frame of getting a refill. On the other hand, there are many folks who travel for months on end without being able to refill their prescriptions. My point is, there are always circumstances where people might be unable to get their refills and will need them in advance. I would try contacting your insurance company and asking them what kind of documentation they need for an advance of medications. In addition, if there is no other option, I would consider paying for your medications out of pocket, which may take awhile to save up for, but will be worth it during an emergency.

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