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Mailbag Monday

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From Chuck S: We have just about completed our home security system which includes a pre-wired system for all openings with indoor motion detectors, outdoor motion detectors on all sides of the house (single story on one acre), glass breakers on each window opening, driveway alarms installed, and just ordered an 8 camera outdoor security system.

We are considering installing a X10 lighting system that will allow us to light up the house at night, except the defensive bedroom, in case of a break in… Our thoughts about adding this system is that nighttime raiders like the dark and if we can take that away from them, they might flee without a fight. What do you think of this strategy?

Answer: You and I think alike when it comes to home security measures and I love what you’ve done. When it comes to the lighting system, I think this is a great idea because criminals love the dark and don’t want to be seen so I would install the lights.

From Nelson A: I was a graduate of Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and I know the feeling after I missed the perfect score of 300 by 2 points. My instructor wouldn’t let me re-fire the final testing; she knew my score daily was perfect 300! I had a hint what happened, my mistake was carelessness; I never inspected my weapon before I went for final testing! That’s my hint to you, inspect your weapon before start shooting, especially the sights…

Answer: This is a great point that all shooters should remember to inspect their firearm before they go shooting or before putting it in a home defense safe. At the minimum, a visual inspection and function check of the firearm should be completed.

From Warren W: We currently live in Maryland and getting a CCP is next to impossible, (without VERY Specific justification, approved from on-high), and despite living near one of the most dangerous cities in the country we are not permitted our God given right to self defense. Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer: I once lived in Maryland (inner city Baltimore) so I can understand your situation. As you mentioned, it’s nearly impossible to obtain a CCW, which means you need to come up with another way to protect yourself. This includes carrying a tactical pen or a tactical flashlight that can be used for striking or wearing a large nut around your neck as a necklace. (Swing the nut at an attacker and it will do serious damage.)

From David N: My hands are becoming weaker so I would like to know if there is any exercise or exercise equipment I could use to strengthen my hands for shooting?

Answer: There are a few different things you can do to try and regain strength in your hands. First, take a heavy-duty rubber band or a rubber wristband and put it around your fingers and try to push your fingers apart. This will help with your grip strength while shooting. Another thing you could try is the hand gripper exerciser, which sells for about $10 on Amazon. This is the spring device with two handles that you can use to improve your hand strength. Lastly, if manipulating a semi-auto were just too painful, I would consider getting a revolver.

From Tom L: I practiced your tips at home, dry firing with my Sig P220. Went to the range today and tried real time. All I have to say is wow! My grouping size shrunk about 30 to 40%. My usual grouping was to the left side of the bull and just outside and slight lower left.

Answer: Dry firing is one of the best things you can do to practice and improve your shooting skills, which is why I do it every morning. Dry firing gives you the time to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong to help improve your grip, trigger pull and overall stance.

From Cindy J: How can I secure a door that opens outwardly? Every apartment I live in always has a patio door that opens outward and I always struggle with how to secure it at night. Since I’m a leasing apartment, I’m never allowed to modify the door or frame.

Answer: One of the weakest points of an outward opening door is that the door hinges are exposed so a criminal can access them. However, I would look into installing door hinges that have a safety pin that cannot be accessed from the outside. Now, I realize you have to check with a landlord but I don’t see why they would care if you installed hinges that will actually be better and more secure. Another option is a product called the NightLock Lockdown 1. This product will secure the door at the bottom of the door to the floor with a brace. However, this would require drilling into the floor and the door, which the landlord may not approve.

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