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Mailbag Monday

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From Diane F: I am wondering if using Gold Dot in .38 would be ok for home defense. For one thing, my hands are not strong enough to ratchet a pistol. Also, I have a concern about over-penetration since I live in a mobile home park.

Answer: Speer Gold Dot is great self-defense ammunition and I would definitely recommend it for use in a home defense weapon. Just make sure you always know your backstop and what you will be shooting towards even if you are inside your home. In addition, the Gold Dot ammo typically has less recoil compared to other brands so this is a good choice if your hands aren’t as strong as they use to be.

From Daniel E: My question is about having a strike plate put on my doors. I saw a demonstration of a strike plate put on a lady’s home and it could not be kicked in. The man demonstrating it was a former crook who is now helping people know how to prevent a break-in. He really kicked it. He quit after a few kicks because of the noise it was making and he wasn’t getting anywhere. I plan on putting them on anyway, if for no other reason than to give me some sense of security…

Answer: Adding any type of reinforcement to your doors is a smart move and starting with a strike plate is something I would absolutely do. Another thing I recommend is installing some type of door brace such as a product called NightLock. This device installs on the inside of your door and basically has a steel piece that slides into place preventing the door from opening. The NightLock device sells for about $40 on Amazon and will prevent a criminal from easily kicking in your door.

From Gary C: Thank you much for the valuable survival info! I didn’t know that about Mylar. On the website, I see little if any real food storage in those pouches?

Answer: Since light can ruin food most of these so-called survival foods will only last 3-5 years if you’re lucky. You can even test your pouches with a flashlight and see if light comes through. If light goes through the pouch you’re using then it won’t last you anywhere close to 10 or 20 years.

From Cathleen C: Two years ago, I went to an indoor gun range with girlfriends, took lessons and had a very difficult time loading and holding the gun. My hand was weak due to an old injury (not serious), but it made my hand weak just as you described. I want to take lessons again with my own gun. Can you recommend a style of gun?

Answer: One of the first things I would do is head back to the shooting range and rent different guns to make sure you find one you can easily manipulate. Now, depending on your hand strength you may not be able to pull the slide back on a semi-auto, so I recommend renting revolvers as well. However, if you do want to try a semi-auto I would start with a Glock 19. This is a medium size, 9mm gun, which is pretty easy to shoot, especially for beginners. If you definitely want to try a revolver, I would recommend renting a few different .38 caliber revolvers. Smith & Wesson and Ruger make the best revolvers so I would go with those companies.

From Alan T: I took your gun safety course online in March 2018 and applied for a CCP from The Common Wealth of Virginia. I just received my ccp today. I just wanted say thank you for all the great things you do. I enjoy all your publications and fwd them to my friends.

Answer: Thank you for your words of support and I’m glad you received your concealed carry permit. The fact is, these days because of the crazy world we live in, I recommend everyone get their concealed carry permit even if you don’t plan on carrying a gun every day.

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