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Mailbag Monday

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From Noah J: What’s a big problem for people who are outside of the city?

Answer: During a disaster, the biggest problem for people outside of a city is the potential lack of resources or help. Now, this can obviously be good and bad. On one hand, you are away from the mayhem after a disaster. However, if you need help, you are also further away from rescuers.

Of course, this is why it’s critical to build up food storage and survival gear so you can be self-sufficient. I have all the gear and food I need to survive for a long time, so I would much rather be outside of a city.

From Emily B: How does a person become more diligent of people and surroundings and be prepared for threats?

Answer: Using good situational awareness can clearly save you from being caught in a life or death situation. One of best things you can do is to be unpredictable. What I mean is, when you are using good situational awareness change up your normal routine and pay attention in case someone is following you or acting strange.

For example, if you go to the same place everyday for lunch consider going somewhere else or go at a different time. This will help you notice if someone is following you.

Another thing you can do is play the “what if” game. For instance, as you are sitting at work, ask yourself what you would do if someone burst in the office with a gun? Think this through and think about how you would react, where you would go, and play this out in your mind.

Finally, be prepared to react to any situation. Do you have a weapon for self-defense? Do you know where all the emergency exits are at your work? Do you have a bug out bag in your car?

From Clyde G: I am in a wheelchair and need to know if there are any tips for someone like me to use?

Answer: Unfortunately, criminals like to prey on those who they believe are easy targets such as folks in a wheelchair. First, make sure you always use good situational awareness and let them know that you see them. In other words, if someone is following you, make sure they know that you see them.

Next, have some way to defend yourself such as a firearm, stun gun, pepper spray or tactical pen. In addition, if you are attacked, remember to fight back any way possible. This might include striking them in their legs or groin area. Just know that you can stop them. I recently trained an 85-year-old main in a wheelchair and he will be a force to be reckoned with if someone tries to harm him.

From Logan J: Is there an every day armor I can wear comfortably under my clothes?

Answer: The thing about wearing body armor everyday is that it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Talk to any police officer and they will tell you that it’s hot, sweaty, and burdensome when trying to move around.

With that being said, if you really want to try out some body armor I would check out a company called Safeguard Clothing. They produce a body armor they call CoolMax that sells for around $300.

From Mason W: What dead bolt locks do you suggest I use?

Answer: When it comes to locks, I recommend Schlage or Medeco. Most homes in the U.S. come with standard Kwikset locks that are very simple to pick and easily open. In fact, during our two-day spy course I teach people how to quickly pick a Kwikset lock and many folks can do it in a matter of seconds.

Of course, you will pay more for the Schlage or Medeco, but they are much more difficult to pick and most criminals who know anything about locks won’t even bother with a higher end lock and will move on to another house.

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