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Top Three Outdoor Security Lights to Beef up Your Home Security

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Earlier this year, Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis and her husband, Julius Tennon, were at home sleeping when they were startled awake by the sound of glass shattering in their bedroom. Three burglars allegedly used a large ladder to reach the second-story balcony outside of the master bedroom.

The couple leapt from their bed as soon as they heard the sound of breaking glass and quickly flipped on the lights inside and outside their home. When the lights came on, the thieves scrambled and were gone by the time police arrived.

The famous couple resides in a $5.7 million mansion in the Toluca Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. According to the LAPD, there has been a string of recent burglaries targeting high-end celebrity homes in the area.

Let There Be Light

Viola and Julius are lucky to be alive — it’s a good thing they thought to turn on the lights when they did. It’s no secret that criminals like to lurk in the dark. That’s why one of the best deterrents to keep them from breaking into your home is adequate security lighting.

There are so many types of outdoor lighting to choose from. Today, I want to share with you my top three. I recommend adding one of these to your home to beef up your home security and make criminals think twice about attempting to break in.

    • Maxsa Innovations — For about $50, you can purchase this motion-activated, dual-head LED security light. This setup is designed to detect motion up to 40 feet away within a 180-degree field. You can adjust the position of both lights to illuminate a desired area to prevent intruders who may try to hide in dark spots. These lights are solar-powered and pretty easy to install — which means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars paying an electrician to wire them correctly. Also included are three rechargeable NiMH batteries that provide up to 90 one-minute activations when fully charged. The four LED bulbs produce a total of 160 lumens to light your exterior of your home
    • RAB Super Stealth 360 — One of the best features of this light is that it detects motion outward 180 degrees and in a 360-degree area below it. So if a burglar tries to sneak under the sensors, the light will still turn on. Another advantage of this light is that you can program it to stay on anywhere from five seconds to 12 minutes when it’s activated. This is ideal if you live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife in your yard constantly activating the sensor. The only drawback to this light is that it’s hard-wired, so you will have to hire an electrician to install it (or at least have the know-how to do it yourself). Of course, because it’s wired, it is one of the brightest outdoor motion-activated lights. Plus, the lights won’t turn on in daylight. So if you happen to spend a lot of time in your yard, you don’t need to worry about the light being activated during the day. The RAB Super Stealth sells for about $80
    • Sunforce Solar Floodlight 82183 — This LED solar-powered, motion-activated light provides up to 1200 lumens when activated. The light comes with three different lamps that illuminate a large area with a 180-degree detection zone of over 30 feet. There is no wiring needed. It comes with a 15-foot cable to connect the solar panel to the light. The only drawback to this light is that because it is solar-powered, there is no guarantee it will provide light all night long if it is continually activated. The light isn’t designed to stay on for long periods, but you can set the time of activation to stay on for 30, 60 or 120 seconds. The Sunforce currently sells for about $55.

Your home security plan should have multiple layers to make your home more unappealing to intruders. From the moment a criminal sets foot on your property, they should be met with layer upon layer of security that will cause them to reconsider.

In other words, I strongly recommend that you install motion-activated outdoor lighting so anyone who comes anywhere close to your house at night is lit up like the sun.

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