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Mailbag Monday

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From Mary F: How do I get rid of Chrome so I can use one of the browsers you recommended?

Answer: Depending on your computer operating system you should be able to uninstall Chrome and download one of the browsers I recommended. In fact, you don’t even need to uninstall Chrome unless you want to, but you can simply install the new browser and make that your preferred web browser when using the internet.

From Ed S: We went through Hurricane Harvey here in Refugio Texas. Ole Harvey decided to stick around for about five hours or so instead of moving through like these storms usually do. I had plenty of water, food, propane and a generator. Needed more mosquito repellent. Chainsaws got a real work out. A convenience store here had a large generator going so we were able to get gasoline for generators, etc. FEMA was here doing nothing but pissing people off. Found areas of my disaster planning that need refining. Don’t leave out plastic tarps, wood and nails to secure a covering for your roof. Hope we do not have another storm this year, as many people have not completed repairs because they have to sue their insurance companies to get the funds they are supposed to pay out. The aggravation is almost as bad as the storm.

Answer: It definitely sounds like you were prepared for the storm and I’m glad you made it out safely. During any type of natural disaster you should take notes of things you would do differently or as you mentioned more items you want to add to your survival gear. The thing is, I always recommend to people that they should do a practice run for a disaster and make sure they can survive with the gear they have stockpiled. Clearly, you lived through a natural disaster and I’m sure you will be even more prepared next time around.

From David Y: What do you think of Liberty Safes? They’re made in USA and I think they are best…

Answer: Liberty Safe is one of the largest safe manufacturers in the U.S. and one of the number one sellers when it comes to residential safes. The company manufacturers over 30 different models of safes and offers a lifetime warranty. I do own one of their safes and I’ve never had an issue with it.

From Larry S: Jason, I gave my tactical pen to my daughter. Where can I get another?

Answer: You can purchase another tactical pen at These tactical pens are my favorite self-defense tool and I never leave home without my pen.

From Bob O: What caliber is your Sig Sauer and what ammo do you prefer?

Answer: My Sig Sauer is a 9mm and the ammo I carry is Speer Gold Dot. This ammo is popular with law enforcement and is loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. This virtually eliminates core-jacket separation, which can cause handgun bullet failures.

From Nancy F: I agree that a good gas mask is essential for chemical protection. But I wear glasses and I cannot find a gas mask that allows for glasses. Is there such a thing? Or do I need to go with a full body suit with a hood?

Answer: Some gas masks are designed to be used with glasses, however to avoid the risk of it not fitting properly I would recommend purchasing a full hood such as the Honeywell Emergency Escape Hood. Now this is definitely a more expensive option as this hood sells for around $200 but it may be your best option in a survival situation. One drawback with the hood is that they have limited amount of time they are effective and the Honeywell is designed to work for 30 minutes.

From Diane R: Just imagine if the bridges across the Mississippi River were destroyed, either through natural causes such as a major, long-overdue earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, by the deliberate and coordinated efforts of a terrorist group, or through neglect due to lack of repair and inspection! The country is so dependent on the east/west transport of goods across the river, our ability to receive foods and necessities on demand would be greatly diminished and probably for an extended period.

Answer: You are absolutely correct that this type of disaster would have far reaching affects to our economy and our ability to purchase goods. The fact is, militaries around the world often use this very tactic to win battles. This is why you always want a large supply of food storage and other gear to ride one of these major disasters out.

From Nolan P: My job requires me to travel around 22 weeks out the year and all trips are within the U.S. 100% of the time, I carry my tactical pen in my backpack and I have never been questioned. Wife and I are planning a trip to Europe (Italy & Switzerland). Would I be able to pack the tactical pen for this trip?

Answer: I’ve had many friends and family that have flown internationally with their tactical pen and so have I. I’ve never had any issues or been stopped. (Almost all of my travels have been to Europe.) However, remember that different customs agents can use their discretion when it comes to confiscating items.

From Richard L: I bought a few Hack Shields from you some time ago. How long do they last?

Answer: They should last as long as there is no damage to the card. Basically, they will last forever as long as the card remains intact. These are so important to have with your wallet to protect you from having your banking information stolen.

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