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Mailbag Monday

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From Deb P: Thanks for the affordable $5/week prepping food list. But honestly, I’m not sure what to do with half of it… Any suggestions for recipes?

Answer: I would do a search online for food storage recipes. One cookbook on Amazon is called I Can’t Believe it’s Food Storage. You could buy this book and others to give you recipe ideas. Obviously, during a disaster situation you will be grateful to have food, so even though you may not have much variety at least you will have food to eat.

From Sam S: I understand that it is a good idea to have ready cash available in case of a real “bug-out” emergency. How much would you recommend? What would be the safest manner of protecting it? I am sure you are aware that Homeland Security is alerted by banks when someone withdraws ten-thousand or more so maintaining an amount like that would require several smaller withdrawals in order to not draw attention to myself – if you are recommending such an amount.

Answer: I recommend having at least 6 month’s worth of your living expenses saved in a bank and at least one month’s of living expenses in cash in your home. I recommend this one month of cash be in $20 bills and that you keep it in a small, fireproof safe. Sentry is one such company that makes inexpensive fireproof safes.

From Lou G: Thank you for all the great information on the food storage for a year. Can you explain what we should buy to cook the food since our electric and gas will be out in an emergency?

Answer: Survival stoves come in a large variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that will suit your family’s needs. One portable stove I recommend is the Coleman Single-Burner Propane Stove. This stove is easy to use, clean and store. There are other several reliable brands to choose from — check out stoves made by Camp Chef. I prefer propane stoves since you can store the propane tanks indefinitely.

From Jim F: Some time ago you mentioned two-way radios that you recommended. Can you mention them again and also address batteries required, battery life and recommended ways to store batteries?

Answer: The radio I use is the Baofeng UV-5R. I have the 2nd generation model but they have a new 3rd generation model that is very similar. This comes with a programming cable so it can be used to connect the radio to your computer to input all the frequencies into the radio instead of doing it manually. This would be a good idea if you plan on using the Baofeng as a ham radio. As for batteries, it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with a charging base. Battery life will depend on usage but I can use mine for about two full days before needing to recharge them.

From Carri C: Thanks for the great info. I have a quick question. What is imprinting on a holster mean?

Answer: This term describes when the outline of a firearm is visible even though the person is wearing clothing over the gun and it’s completely covered. This is definitely a bad thing and it’s important to check your clothing before leaving your home to make sure your gun isn’t easy to see. For example, if you had a gun on your hip but the shirt you were wearing was so tight covering the gun, people would be able to see the outline of the gun and it would “print through” the shirt.


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