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Mailbag Monday

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From John M: I am a security consultant and Army combat Vet, for starters. I read most of your alone and unafraid. I wanted to mention another VPN worth mentioning is called crypto hippie. It’s a little expensive but it is far more secure than anything I ever used as it pertains to the technology used and reportedly has never been hacked.

I just thought I would let you know of something useful and I think what you are doing is very beneficial to veterans and veterans of the IC.

Answer: Thank you for passing along this suggestion. I’ve never used this VPN however; I’ve heard that it uses military grade encryption, which is a good sign. I will definitely check this out further.

From Arlene S: How long does water stay fresh and a drinkable in a water brick? When does it become stagnant?

Answer: The amount of time the water will stay fresh completely depends on how the WaterBricks are stored. In other words, if you store the WaterBricks in a cool, dry place, the water will stay fresh longer than if you stored it in a garage that’s not temperature controlled. So, I definitely recommend storing them in a place such as your basement because the water should last years. (If you did store it in a place such as a garage that can get very hot, I would check the water every 30 days to see how it looks and tastes.)

From Morgan D: A while ago I noted a reference in a guest writer’s article to what Jason recommends for long term storage of water. Could Jason write a short blurb sometime soon about what he recommends and where the containers can be obtained?

Answer: I recommend using WaterBricks, which are durable, high-density polyethylene containers that can hold up to 3.5 gallons. Waterbricks are stackable and each container has a handle. So, if you ever had to evacuate in an emergency you could grab a few of these WaterBricks and take them with you. Plus, you can store other things in the containers if you want to store food or other emergency items.

From Patti L: I will be getting a new cell phone in the next month or so. Wondering if you can share ideas on how to keep it and my info/searches secure. I currently use Disconnect search engine but it takes me to a site that already knows who I am! Any suggestions you can post would be appreciated.

Answer: Just like you should use a VPN when on your computer, I recommend doing the same thing on your cell phone. If you are browsing the internet on your smartphone you should use a VPN such as TunnelBear or you can try out the suggestion given by John M, above. There are a lot of options when it comes to VPN’s for phones but this is the one I personally use on my phone and computer. In addition, I would turn off the GPS tracking on your phone and always make sure that a code is required to access your phone.

From Nicholas M: I have just received two water SurvFilters from you. I went on the web and could not find any review or recommendation of this product – not even by Consumer Reports. Could you give me a reference for certification of this filter? It states that it is independently certified on the attached flap.

Answer: BSC Laboratories in Gainesville, FL, FL DOH Laboratory #E82924, EPA# FL01147 is the lab that certified the filter and showed that it removes bacteria, virus, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

From Kenneth R: I have a question that has to do with your comments about putting signs up at your home regarding having a security system on premises. I am sure I have read other articles stating that just attracts would be burglars to break in since they think you must have something to protect. Do you have any thoughts about that? Thanks so much for what I have gotten from you so far, great material.

Answer: The number of homes that have security systems is increasing thanks to the many security options including DIY systems. The reality is more and more people are getting these systems for personal safety especially at night and not just because they may own valuables. Most burglars are looking for easy access to homes and they don’t want to set off an alarm. Typically, burglars aren’t masterminds and won’t be planning an elaborate burglary. I personally think having an alarm sign will act as more of a deterrent to the average burglar and is something everyone should have even if they don’t actually have a security system. The fact is, if I am a burglar, I want the home with the easiest access, not the home that’s going to set off a loud alarm that notifies police.

From Gary M: Thank you for your incredibly informative emails. You recommend always carrying a quality pocketknife. My question is…which brand/model/manufacturer do you recommend?

Answer: I am a knife junkie and own a lot of knives. Both Benchmade and Spyderco make quality knives and you can’t go wrong with either company.

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