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Mailbag Monday

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From Robert Z: I’m a second degree Black Belt from Korean Commando training, but how do you stop a man who is shooting randomly at people? Lately a killer opens a door, walks in then commences firing with an automatic weapon. How do you approach a lunatic? Let’s say he is about 10 feet away.

A: Sadly, we have seen too many instances where this occurs. In my opinion, the only way these types of incidents will stop is if we educate the public and change the thinking of American society. In this type of situation, the best course of action is to swarm the attacker and take them down (A punch in the throat works well.) The problem is, this type of thinking is not a normal human reaction especially for Americans. In some countries that are constantly targeted by terrorists, you will hear stories of citizens swarming the attacker to try and stop him. Israel is a great example. Of course, the downside is that you are likely to get shot… however, you’re probably going to get shot anyway so why not stop the madman and keep him from killing more people.

From James H: If the crowed squeezed in around you and is moving, cross your arms and use your feet like a spring to stay upright. Falling down means you get trampled. You must keep your feet under you. Here is a crowd panic story. AC-130 aircraft has a full load of passengers. The plane makes a mild crash landing. They opened the paratroop door before the crash landing. The passengers were in such a panic to get out of the aircraft that none of them could get through the doors. They jammed up at the doorway. People on the ground would forcefully pull one out at a time. One guy they pulled out ran 50 yards on a broken leg. Panic is scary.

A: You are right that the most critical thing to avoid being trampled is to stay on your feet. And, if you fall down do whatever you need to immediately get back up. (Never freeze on the ground.)

From Mark L: Just got my new tactical pen today. Portland International Airport confiscated it. Not your fault, just wanted you to know you can’t travel on a domestic flight out of PDX with the “fly anywhere” pen. And no, I didn’t check with local authorities to see if it was allowed. It hurts. Thanks for allowing me to “cry a river”.

A: It seems like TSA agents can confiscate anything they deem to be dangerous and it’s probably hit and miss on whether they will even see the pen. I’ve had some TSA personnel comment to me how awesome my pen is and then hand it right back to me as I proceed to my gate. I have traveled all over the United States and the world and have never had an issue with my pen.

From Tom K: Hi Jason, I really like your materials. I do not however, have the website to log into. Can you give it to me please?

A: Certainly. Members of the Personal Protection Alliance can log in by going to

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