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Mailbag Monday

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From Jim S: In one article, you mention that your everyday carry is a 1911; and when that is too large to conceal you go with a Sig P938. I like those choices, but am surprised given the lean toward polymer handguns in our government organizations. Could you comment on why this is your choice? Of course I realize this is all personal preference, but I’d like to hear your rationale.

A: With the way modern handguns are engineered, in my opinion, you can purchase a quality firearm whether it’s metal or polymer. As you mentioned, a lot of it comes down to personal preference and I’ve owned both metal and polymer guns. I know that some people will knock polymer because they say it won’t hold up however, unless you live in extreme cold polymer should hold up when using your firearm. I believe the government buys the polymer handguns because they’re cheap and easy to operate.

From James H: Add this to your thoughts on gun cleaning: Johnson paste wax. It is great for the outside of the metal and wood parts. Once you use this you will like it.

A: Thanks for the information. I’ve never tried this but I know some people like to use a wax on the wooden parts so this is a good option.

From Alice T: I have regular city water, not well water, in my home. Is there anything I should do to treat the water before storing it long term? Or is it safe enough to store as is?

A: The city that provides your drinking water already treats the water before it comes out your tap. However, it doesn’t hurt to treat the water with a product such as AquaMira, which could be used to prolong the shelf life of your water storage supply.

From Michelle M: Do you recommend any ID protection services?

A: I personally don’t use any ID protection service because I can do many of the same things they do without having to pay them a fee. What I mean is, companies claim to monitor your credit report but this is something you can do as well. I recommend placing a credit freeze with the three major credit-reporting agencies, which should block anyone from accessing your credit. In addition, I would check your credit report every 6 months to make sure there aren’t any mistakes or fraudulent activity. Finally, as boring as it is, you should always review your credit card and bank statements on a monthly basis.

From David S: Mr. Hanson, this may sound a little strange, so I hope you’ll forgive me, if it’s nothing. Do you know anything about a group of renegades, or rogues, or whatever the right term is who were using the CIA’s facilities, and using the CIA as a cover, but who’s loyalties were elsewhere; and even when they found out who all of them were, they had a hard time unraveling it? Do you know anything like that?

A: I don’t know anything about that. To me, it just sounds like some conspiracy theory that someone put on the Internet.

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