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What Does Common Sense Mean In Today’s Gun Debate

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I keep hearing the term “common sense” thrown around the gun debate these days. “Lock your gun away, it’s only common sense.” “There’s no need for such a big bullet, it’s only common sense.” “Nobody needs a gun that looks that scary, it’s only common sense.”

Maybe it’s time we move beyond common sense. If common sense says we need to separate people from the tools that keep them safe, then maybe it’s time we moved into an “educated” debate rather than a common sense one.

Semi-automatic pistols are the target of gun debate

I’ve reviewed several definitions of common sense and found Wikipedia’s to be the most straightforward. It says that common sense “…is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things that are shared by (“common to”) nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without need for debate.”

If that definition is accurate, then why is there such a debate? It clearly states that most people should accept it without need for debate.

Well, I have a theory on this. I believe that it lies in another part of that definition. The part that says “things that are shared by nearly all people.”

Once upon a time, guns were a shared experience amongst people, at least all Americans.

When the first Europeans came to this land, they did so against all odds. They came for freedom, privacy, and a chance to make it in the new world. They didn’t expect things to be easy. In fact, they came with the tools to live through tough times.

Early settlers quickly found out what tough times meant. It meant defending themselves against dangerous animals. It meant fighting against indigenous groups. Eventually, it meant fighting against their own government.

While these specific threats may not be rampant today, that doesn’t make us safe. We now have gangs, rioters, and common criminals. We still need to defend ourselves and have the right to do so.

Are we having an educated gun debate?

It’s hard to believe the people speaking on behalf of gun control actually understand what they are talking about. Former Vice President Joe Biden recommends getting a shotgun. He claims that an AR-15 is “harder to aim” and “harder to use.” Obviously, he has never fired the two. Any shotgun, particularly the 12 gauge he recommends, is much harder to aim and use. In fact, it can be quite dangerous for a small-bodied or inexperienced shooter.

I think it’s time we have an educated gun debate. Common sense doesn’t apply when the people we are debating don’t have the base of knowledge to use proper judgment.

We recently had a guest author share his experience with target shooting in the United Kingdom. As you can imagine, it’s highly regulated and difficult to pursue. This is where the left wants us to be. They want to make it nearly impossible for anyone to own a firearm.

Make a difference. Talk to these people and explain to them, patiently and respectfully, about their misunderstanding of firearms. If you can, take them to the range and explain to them that the color of the weapon doesn’t affect its power. If we do nothing, the California of today may be the entire country in another 20 years.

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  • Mike Christ says:

    Common sense is for the liberal elites only. Common sense dictates that if you own a firearm it should be unloaded, the ammunition should be stored in a locked container in a different area than the weapon itself. The weapon must have a trigger lock and preferably a combination locking mechanism so that only the owner of the weapon would have access. Ideally, the weapon should have some type of finger or palm print recognition system in order to insure that it is not discharged by an unauthorized or untrained individual. In addition, the batteries supplying power to the recognition system should be stored in an area away from the ammunition or weapon.
    Of course common sense would also dictate that prior to considering the use of a weapon the weapon’s owner should most assuredly dial 911 and describe the situation with an intruder or potential intruder. He should describe he intruder’s clothing, approximate Height, weight, scars, hair color, type of shoes, color of clothing. The gun owner must NOT describe the possible race or skin color of the perpetrator as this would be denying his/her civil rights under the U.S. Constitution. The potential victim should also give a description of himself to the 911 operator. To insure accuracy, he should spell his full name and spell all other information about his dress and physical characteristics. The foregoing precautions are to be taken to protect the intruder from physical or mental harm due to an unexpected confrontation with a potentially dangerous homeowner. Once again, this is only the application of common sense in a sensitive situation.
    This advice, or course, does not apply to myself.
    Bang! Bang Bang Bang! Hasta la bye-bye Ibrahim Rodriguez

  • Ray says:

    Common sense doesn’t mean you disarm the good people of the country. A responsibly armed citizenry is the best way to stop these terrible things from getting worse. These gun grabbing politicians are showing how little common sense they have by what comes out of their mouth. I use common sense daily it keeps me from running onto a busy freeway or pointing a loaded gun at myself or anyone else that is not threatening my self or an innocent bystander with deadly force. Case in point I read an article in guns and ammo about a bank in Texas. This bank had a no gun policy posted by the door. Surprise, surprise it kept getting robbed. Well the bank soon changed their tune and posted a sign saying firearms welcome. Even the tellers wear pistols now and their situation has vastly improved. In another article a police officer was interviewed and said the police were their to fill out report’s. In other words unless the police are at the scene and notice suspicious behavior they don’t get to the scene until the crime has been committed.

    • Jason Crawford says:

      I couldn’t agree more Ray. It’s funny how it’s the same people who complain about the police who want the police to be the only ones armed. Anyone who’s worked with the police as I have will know that 99% of the time, they’re just filing reports. They rarely get involved before the crime has been committed.

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