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I Believe More People Were Involved In The Las Vegas Shooting

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There’s a lot of speculation and questions remaining as to what happened at the Las Vegas shooting.  Much of what is being reported doesn’t make sense and more information is coming out daily.

In addition to the standard questions about motives and causes, there are still questions about whether or not he acted alone.  It is certainly too early to know for sure, but speculation exists that he did not.

Sheriff Lombardo has stated that he believes that the murderer did not act alone.  He believes that the plan was too complicated and that there were too many weapons.  While I disagree that the plan was too complicated, I do think there is something to the number of weapons.  But there are other reasons why I believe the murder didn’t plan this on his own.

Too Many Firearms

I’m a gun guy and I have nothing against having 40+ firearms.  But if I were to have that many, most of them would be for sport and affinity purposes.  Despite my years in combat, I can only carry and use so many weapons at one time.  Based on what we know now, there simply was no reason to have that many similar firearms in the hotel room, unless he was expecting help.

The weapons that we know about so far don’t provide any additional capabilities.  It would be different if we were hearing that some of the weapons were more long-range, while others intended to defend the room.  But that’s not what is coming out.

If a list of the types of weapons in the room is provided that contradicts what we are hearing now, then I may revise this.  For now, I can’t see any way one person intended to use all of those weapons.


Security is a critical component of any combat operation, and it appears that the shooter did his homework.  Multiple security cameras were placed inside and outside his hotel room.  One camera might make sense, but multiple cameras require a dedicated person to monitor.

Without some sort of assistance, it’s hard to believe that the Mandalay Bay shooter intended to monitor all of these cameras while conducting this attack.

The Day of the Attack

The Route 91 Harvest concert took place over a period of 3 days.  It seems odd that the shooter would wait until the last day to commit these atrocities.  While I’m yet to find any detailed information on the attendance, it seems like Sunday would be the night of lowest attendance.

I can really only come up with 2 reasons why the killer might have waited.  The first is that he was being emotional and wanted to procrastinate ending his own life.  This would make sense if he didn’t seem to be such a calculated man.  But taken with the other evidence that has been released, I don’t think we should put too much faith in that.

The other reason would be that he was waiting for others to arrive.  Given the other details I’ve laid out, it makes sense that he might have simply been waiting for partners to arrive.

The Risks Involved

The reason these three oddities of the Las Vegas shooting stick out to me is that each one increases the risk of being caught.

The excessive amount of firearms could have drawn the attention of security.  It has been reported that he moved the firearms up in 10 suitcases, taking one up at a time.  This is a very peculiar behavior and would have caused trouble if security had noticed it.

Having external cameras would have triggered alarms from staff and guests if they had been identified.

And waiting until Sunday gave the hotel staff additional time to become suspicious.  It was originally reported that the staff had cleaned his room during his stay.  However, that report has since been replaced with reports that he had his “Do Not Disturb” sign on for his entire stay.

Waiting for Answers

It’s been made perfectly clear that some law enforcement officers do not believe that the perpetrator of the Las Vegas shootings planned this alone.  In fact, some people speculate that he may not have even been the lone shooter.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions.  And I’m sure that investigators are considering these actions as they investigate further into the criminal and the crime.

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